Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I don't have much to say - or maybe I have too much to say?

Either way I stare at the blank blogger screen like this most days.

Attractive I know... 

So here are some bullet points - my favorite:

- I swear my dress in that pictures isn't low cut I don't know why it looks so scandalous

- I went to the J Crew Factory yesterday and got 3 dresses and 2 skirts for $160 Super good deal!

- I hope Garrett doesn't read that ^ he doesn't need to know I spent any money :)

- I just bought all new skin care, because it seemed cheaper than Botox. Maybe I can hold off the needles for a little while longer...

- I'm starting a juice cleanse next week and I am ridiculously excited about it.

- I don't like Feedly or Bloglovin. I am going to miss Google Reader so so much!

- I got stuck in a dress at Old Navy I couldn't unzip the zipper by myself (I couldn't zip it up either so I took it off, zipped it, and slipped it over my head, I'm brilliant I tell you...) It was awful I started sweating at the thought of having to ask someone to unzip me. I finally got it off by myself, but it was traumatic. I did not buy the dress.

- Most of my sentences lately seem to be run on sentences with multiple commas.

- sometimes I notice people leave words out or misuse of words like to instead of too or no instead of know on blogs of people who I know get their posts printed in blog books. I think it's rude to correct people (especially in the comments!) but I sometimes want to email them and let them know because I hate for there to be errors in their book.

- I'm pretty sure I know someone who has a child that's way smarter than you average child and I'm not sure how to broach that subject, but then I think anyone would be happy to hear "Hey I think your kid might be a genius - like for real" -  I don't know a lot but I know a little and I'd like to offer some suggestions but not step on toes...

- I think I'll go to Target after work.

- If work ever ends...

- I think my body decided to give up sleep for Lent. I am so tired all the time but I just can't sleep.

- Garrett has Friday off for Good Friday and I'm insanely jealous. 

All right that's it for now. I'll be back sooner than later.


I mean I guess I might as well....

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick catch up

Well I haven't been around here lately, you haven't missed too much.

Sadly you missed a recap of my favorite little one year old's first birthday. I was kind of holding back because I was hoping her Mommy would start a blog, I'm not giving up on her yet.

It was the perfect weekend spent celebrating this pretty girl. I'll share more of the details sometime this week.

This weekend my brother came to visit too, we got to hang out for a few hours. He will be just a few hours away from me for the next year. So I plan to hang out with him a lot more!

Other than that my life consists of studying, spring cleaning and working. Planning to work in some fun now that Garrett's busy season is over!