Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s my least favorite season…tax season.

        Dear April 16th,

I really hate to rush time, but I’m going to anyway. You see Garrett has to work until you get here. When he is home he’s tired and thinking about work, it’s really no fun for me. If that weren’t bad enough he’s decided that he can no longer be on gchat while he’s at work, which I’m sure you can understand leaves me bored out of my mind during the day. He tries really hard to give me all the attention I require. We squeeze in a movie here and dinner there. I’ll go up to the the office and do stuff I need to get done while he works on the weekends but I would really, really like a lazy Saturday doing nothing. Since tax season really just started I feel like I’m in for a very, very long wait.The thing is I just really miss my best friend! So, while you work on getting here (as fast as possible, please) I’m going to be busy planning all the fun that is going to happen once you arrive.


                The not so very patient Ashlee


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello…hello…is this thing on??

I really hate it when bloggers don’t write anything for a long time and then they come back and their whole post is dedicated to apologizing, I have no desire to read you tell me how sorry you are…so…I hope the rest of you feel that way…because we are just moving right along and pretending like I never missed a beat!

All the time I used to spend blogging I’ve been spending reading (for fun, I read for school to that’s just not worth talking about) I forgot how much I love to read and how addicting I find it. I just can’t stop.


I needed to jump back in to my good ol’ Windows Live Writer (do any of you use that, it’s the BEST for adding pictures to blog posts) because I just had to tell you about two fun Valentine’s Day Swaps that are coming up!!!

I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan….but oh how I love swapping!!

Here’s the 411 (oh hello Ashlee from 1994)


You have to sign up by tomorrow (Friday) if you want to to join this one…You can visit Neely, Courtney or Sam to find out all the details!


Meg the lovely host of the Mitten Mixer is hosting another swap!! Head on over to Meg’s blog and get signed up

Okay that’s it for tonight (this post took me for ever to write because I stopped and went (in my pjs) to get some Fro Yo with the boy!!

Have a Happy Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Grand Adventure…part 1 Arizona.

Garrett and I have returned from our (first) Grad Adventure of 2011. It feels like we were gone forever, and we had so much fun real life is going to take some getting used to.

We opted out of ringing in the New Year at midnight because our alarm clock went off at 3:00am New years day, and three hours of sleep just didn’t seem like it would be enough.

2011 10152011 1016

But here were are at 4:00am waiting outside in the FREEZING cold for our taxi to pick us up and take us to the airport. (The community is gated and I wasn’t quite sure how to tell the taxi to get in through the gate without giving our secret code, and that seemed like a bad idea so outside it was). I was obviously way too excited about starting the adventure, while Garrett was thinking oh em gee is this starting already. (I had no make up on and my face was looking pretty awful from the wind/cold so black and white it is.)

2011 735

After a flight from OKC to Memphis. We headed to Phoenix. I planned nothing (except the rental car) which is so unlike me, but I was so worried something would happen and we wouldn’t get where we needed to be and the whole thing would be a bust. So, we just decided to wing it, and it totally worked!

2011 742

When Garrett went to the Fiesta Bowl a few years ago the stayed in Tempe, and ate the “best sushi of (his) life”. He really, really wanted to try to get back there and I’m always up for a trip to see another college town so we headed to Tempe (which is the opposite direction of the Fiesta Bowl) in search of a restaurant we didn’t know the name of and only the general location.

2011 7382011 7412011 740

But, we found it! Garrett was soo excited! The sushi lived up to everything he remembered! We walked around ASU’s “campus corner” (that’s what it’s called in Norman, I’m not sure what they call it) and hit up Urban Outfitters for some matching sunglasses (no pictures, sad). After that it was time to find something for me to eat.

2011 7442011 745

We found In-N-Out burger! I was so excited to try something I’ve heard so many people rave about (and Garrett had to try some to!) It was really pretty good, and super, super cheap! After lunch in Tempe it was time to head to Glendale for the Fiesta Bowl!

2011 7462011 7472011 749

We flew to Arizona without tickets to the game (because that’s how we do it) and we got a pair for steal, it cost more to park in the parking lot than it did for one of us to get in to the game. We picked our seats because there were a lot open and enjoyed the game! OU finally broke its BCS losing streak and I was so happy to be there for it!

2011 7562011 7482011 771

After the game and the presentation of OUr trophy we had some time to kill, see when this adventure changed from a Road Trip to a plane trip, I didn’t book a hotel room for Saturday night, I was a little bit afraid we would sleep through the alarm clock and miss our flight so I figured we could spend 6ish hours in the airport waiting for our flight. Luckily, it went a little better than that, we got a bite to eat at Johnny Rockets after the game and then went to a midnight movie after that (I slept from the time the previews started until Garrett woke me up during the credits!) when the movie was over it was about 2:30am and we only had 3.5 hours until our flight to Denver, by the time we took the rental car back and got to the air port we were only about 2.5 hours early. That was a brilliant thing if you ask me, saved us $100 on a hotel room and we didn’t have to worry about not waking up. I only wish I had taken pictures of Garrett sleeping in the airport.

Denver and skiing coming up tomorrow!

Monday, January 10, 2011

365–Week 1

The first week of January was crazy! We went from Phoenix to Denver and spent the whole week vacationing!

January 2011

1. Flying into Phoenix I was so, so excited to see all the snow! and the Mountains!

2. We sent our luggage to Denver with Garrett’s parents and as soon as we arrived I busted that thing open, I missed my stuff! ha!

3. Monday was such a lazy day of recovering I spent the day in my littlemissmatched socks!

4. Tuesday was our first day skiing!

5. Wednesday was day two of skiing (I never made it down that slope, but it was fun to watch other people come down!)

6. We saw two huge heads of Elk. I was so freaking excited!!

7. Garrett headed back to the ski slopes I opted to stay home, and went for a lovely walk. I wish I could take a picture of how clean it smelled up on that mountain!


Tomorrow I’ll start the posts of our Grand Adventure!!! Today it was back to work, and school. I wish we had gotten a snow day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I never meant to go on this vacation and unplug from the world. I had to plans to blog our vacation as it went along. But, instead I turned off my computer, and more surprisingly my cell phone and have embraced this adventure (and oh what an adventure it has been)!

I will blog about our trip but in order to stay up on my New Year’s resolutions I thought I’d better blog a recipe before this week gets away from me. Since I have been spoiled beyond belief this week with delicious meals I haven’t even thought of cooking. These cookies Garrett’s Mom makes are AMAZING (hopefully I can share) and I wake up to bacon every single morning am I in heaven?

Oreo Truffles and Nutter Butter Balls are so super easy to make and everyone loves them!!

1. get a package of cookies (oreos or nutter butters)

2. crush them up (in a food processor)

3. Stir in a brick of cream cheese

4. shape mixture into balls.

5. put balls in the freezer for a bit.

6. Melt almond bark. (I like white chocolate for oreo, and milk for nutter butter)

7. dip balls in melted almond bark.

8. put chocolate covered balls on wax paper.


food 015

Really mine are usually prettier than this, but this bunch was made very, very late at night for a last minute boys poker game and I just didn’t care about pretty!!

I hope everyone’s New Year has started out great! So far so good around here! But we are on vacation :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We’re fiesta-ing!

If everything went according to plan Garrett and I have just landed at the Phoenix airport and are getting ready to head to the Fiesta Bowl to watch our Sooners secure a New Year’s Day victory! This is my first Bowl Game, and despite the fact we are only going to be in Arizona for 18 hours I cannot wait to soak it all up! Here’s hoping to a great start to 2011!!!


Cheer Like a Champion!!!

and Happy New Year!