Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Resolutions...

I am ringing in the New Year in a hotel in Galveston, TX with Garrett and I could not be happier. Tomorrow we leave on our second annual New Year vacation, a 7 day cruise (YAY!).

It's quiet around here no going out or drinking, we've been in our pjs since 4:00 and I honestly can't imagine a better way to welcome in the new year. After a crazy busy running-around-like-chickens year it's nice to end it in a peaceful way.

Let's take a look at how I did on last year's resolutions...tomorrow I'll post 12 for 2012!

1. Reach My Goal Weight. Fail. I am disappointed in myself for pretending that this resolution didn't exist, and not even getting close. I won't make any excuses I just didn't stick to any kind of plan....

2. Stay on Track at School. Completed! I finished 18 hours of classes in 2011 keeping me right on schedule! Not only did I complete all the hours I should have but I got all As (let me tell you how good that feels!)

3. Attend the OU vs. fsu game. Fail. In the grand scheme of things it just didn't work out. I was disappointed and regretted my decision almost immoderately. It came down to being scared we would lose, and being so busy with school. 

4. Read 12 non Academic Books. Completed! Some of them were terrible easy beach reads because that was all I had time for, but at least I was reading something other than accounting text books!

5. Once a Week Blog a Recipe. Fail. I didn't even blog an average of once a week this hear (shameful!) and I stopped cooking....

6. Cook 6 Meals for the Ronald McDonald House. Fail. I didn't have/make the time. The 3 day took priority in the volunteering slot this year...

7. No Traffic Violations. Completed! and let me tell you many of days I had to remind myself that this was a resolution of mine so I would slow down! It also helps I moved so much closer to work/school. 

8. Save, Save, Save! I spent more than I should have but I did alright on saving too...I kind of forgot what I wanted the number in my savings account to let's call this one neutral. 

9. Establish a Skin Care Routine. Fail. Not much to say on this one I just am not the best at taking care of my skin. 

10. Exercise 3 Times a Week. I am sure I averaged 3 times a week BUT I there were some weeks with more and some with less. I'll call this one mostly a fail because I did not get in a routine. 

11. 365 Picture Challenge. Fail. I still think this is an awesome idea, but lots and lots of days I do the same thing: school, work, study. That gets boring to take pictures of...but now that I have an iphone it would be maybe I'll try again. 

Well those may be my worst odds yet! 3completed 2 kind of completed and 6 were a BIG FAT FAIL.

It's really crazy how your goals change throughout the year. This year was mostly all about doing my very best in school, everything else took a backseat it's so important to me to really excel now that I've found something I really love to do.

2012 I really must work on finding some balance....

I hope you are having a wonderful time ringing in 2012!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I am at work, sadly my mind has already left for Christmas vacation so I'm not getting much done...

I think this is going to be the best Christmas in a long time!

I have a bunch of vacation days I'll be using in the next few weeks!

I wish I could get a quick glimpse of the future. But, I guess that wouldn't be much fun.

I imagine all kinds of outrageous things, my imagination is very active. (or at least that's what G tells me)

I love my little dog.

I hate most bad drivers.

I miss my sister...I get to see her the day after tomorrow!

I fear way too much, but nothing like spiders or snakes.

I hear LFO Summer girls on Pandora.

I smell my Sugar Blossom Soy that smell

I crave potatoes and lemonade.

I indulge in manicures and pedicures.

I wonder if different life paths would have led me to this same spot.

I regret nothing.

I will never forget how lucky I am!

I ache like a little old woman. mustgetinbettershape.

I believe in Santa.

I sing around little kids, they never make fun.

I cry in the shower sometimes.

I lose EVERYTHING. (it's usually only temporary misplacement)

I never say never.

I sometimes talk out loud to myself, even though I will make fun of you if you are doing it, 

I always forget how good I feel after I run.

I look forward to being done with school. again. 

I search for whatever I most recently lost.

I carry my Lilly wristlet everywhere I go.

I can usually be found making myself busier than necessary.

I am scared of scary people.

I need a lesson in patient driving. 

I am happy about seeing my mom and sister in 2 days, Christmas in five days, and our cruise in 12 days!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The stockings were hung...

We are all really excited for Christmas around here!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy ME!

Today is my birthday!

With all the craziness that is my life I didn't really count down or let the anticipation of my birthday build up too much for the last several weeks it has been I can't wait until December 14 and it's not because it was my birthday but because it's the day I'm taking my last final!

It's funny to think that exactly 10 years ago I was waiting to take my last final of my first year in college, it was the very last final on Friday, almost everyone had left the dorms and I was just as excited for the break (but mostly so I could get home and see my high school friends!) I can guarantee you that Ashlee never thought  she'd be still taking finals 10 years later! I can only imagine what Ashlee 10 years from now will be doing on our birthday but I hope it's something great (and I really really hope she's not still taking finals!!)!

I am getting exactly what I need for my birthday, a break from school! (and a cruise in two and half weeks!!!)

Do something awesome today! I'm more than happy to share some of the birthday magic with all of you I want everyone to have a Happy My Birthday day! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

The end is near!

Of the semester that is!

I got almost no sleep this weekend.

Which is completely against everything I believe in for finals week.

The dark circles under my eyes are so horrible there is no hiding them, but I'll keep trying.

Emily over at In the Life of Emily had a good post about preparing for finals...and even though I've had a few more semesters of college than she has, I found her finals motto to be such a great idea and one I'm going to be "borrowing" for sure...

"Dress well to test well"

Seriously it makes so much sense, while I still think it's important to be comfortable (no one wants to be messing with their clothes while they take a test). You better believe I'll have on my cutest outfits tomorrow and Wednesday!

Best to luck if you are testing this week!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Friday Y'all!

It's the end of the semester and next week is finals week, which means every aspect of my life that isn't school is being severely neglected.

I only have to make it to Wednesday.

In the mean time if someone can make me one of these.....

I'm so easily distracted by shiny things...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Nail Polish Swap!

Tis the season to swap!

I participated in Tara and Celia's nail polish swap. It was so much fun! 

My partner was Amanda at Simple Girl, Simple Pleasures and she did such a good job!

My package was wrapped in newspaper, I always love it when the boxes I get in the mail are wrapped! 

Inside there was a sweet note from Amanda (isn't her handwriting pretty?)

She sent me seven awesome colors! I told her I mostly wear pink but that I would love some fun new fall colors..

I'm really excited about the gray, it's out of my comfort zone but so fun!

and the fact that it dries fast is perfect for this impatient girl!

Thanks so much Amanda! I really loved the package!

Friday, December 2, 2011

You did what?

Garrett called me on Monday and asked me if I wanted to run a 5k race this weekend.

I was like sure! why not!

(it sounded like so much fun my brain forgot to remember that I haven't run in TEN months!)

When the panic set in, after that little bit of information was remembered, Garrett was like no big deal you just walked 60 miles in three days worse comes to worse you'll just walk the race no big deal.

Right! I can walk 3 measly miles no big deal! I bet I can even run part of them.

I.AM.AWESOME! (that's what my head was saying anyway)

I was even kinda pumped.

Then the registration email came through....

and it said blah blah blah bah you are signed up to run the 10k on 12/3.

I'm sorry what did that say? 10k? IS THIS EVEN REAL? I have not run one step in TEN MONTHS. I can't run 6 miles....that boy is INSANE!

When I called him he repeated his earlier advice you can always just walk it.

So that's cool tomorrow I'm supposed to run 6.4 miles in the rain with the wind blowing 30 miles an hour in the freezing cold.

Have I mentioned I have not run in 10 months?

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Birthday Month!

Everyone who lives in our house turns another year older this month.

My birthday is the 14th

Kuddles will be turning 6! on the 16th

Garrett's is the 23rd

It's a requirement to live with must be born in December!

You throw all of those birthdays in there with Finals and Christmas and you have one crazy month.

(Speaking of finals and birthdays I have TWO finals on my birthday. BLAH.)

It's always a struggle to find time to make birthday's special when you have Christmas things to attend but it doesn't matter for as long as I can remember I have loved the month of December! This year will be no exception.

Here is to a great month!