Thursday, January 28, 2010

rain, rain you don't have to go away

Just please don't destroy the power lines and leave us with no electricity when you turn into ice.


In honor of the fact that I'm in Norman, waiting for ICE STORM 2010, I thought I'd share with you the pictures from BLIZZARD 2009. You know the one that made me spend Christmas away from my family! For the first time in my life I didn't open even one present on Christmas. sad right.

The view out the front door.

Garrett threw some snowballs at me.
Did you know snowballs hurt when they hit you?
This Florida girl did not!
but thought maybe this would work better

I was able to move out of the way in time!

Some of the snow we shoveled.
That's freaking hard work!

There was a white out in Norman.
If you're from Florida, this means you can't see a thing because the snow is blowing so hard.
Clay, Brooke, and the Kids were stuck in the car for 12 hours
and had to turn around and go home.
it. was. crazy.

When we finally decided to try and leave there were abandoned cars EVERYWHERE.
I counted about 150 in the 30 miles between Garrett's and Grammy's
That doesn't count the ones where the roads were so bad I had to give my full attention to the road.

Then something horrible happened.

I got stuck on the side of the road.
Garrett called almost the second it happened.
His Dad and him came to my rescue.
But, I had to wait in the car on the side of the road for about an hour.

In that hour I waited two people stopped and offered to help me for $20 cash only.
Can you believe when I told them I only had a checkbook they left me
on the side of the road on
So, much for the Christmas spirit.

So, here's hoping that this ice storm isn't as eventful. And, at least this time we have food, which we did not have last time!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie Monday.

Here is a review of the movies I watched this week:

I'm a George Clooney fan. I was not an Up in the Air fan. But, it wasn't the worst movie I have ever seen. I found it to be a little predictable. (even the parts that were meant to be unpredictable). It was kind of a fun story, it is LOOSELY based on a real guy and that's kind of neat.
It is NOT worth theater prices, it's a renter.

In all reality this movie deserves a post all of it's own.
And at some point I'll probably do one.
I am not a believer in propaganda movies, but since this is a subject I've done lots of my own research on I agreed to watch it. After watching it late Friday night (and not falling asleep) I watched it again Saturday (and I'll probably watch it with Grammy before I return it). It was that good. The first thing that I really, really liked about this movie is that there were not horrible graphic pictures of the animals, I cannot handle that and don't want to see it. The other great thing about this movie is it really touches on every food subject that should be covered (imho) it isn't just about meat, or corn. It talks about everything. I am already in the process of changing how I eat and this movie has really sealed the deal. If we spent as much time and energy on worrying about the CRAP that we put into our bodies as we did on (the fake phenomenon) Global Warming we could be well on the way to better, healthier eating.
Rent this movie, watch it now.

I thought Beyond a Resonable Doubt was right up my alley. I love a good lawyer/court/jury movie. This was NOT one of those. It was SUPER predictable (even though Garrett says it's easier for me to predict movies because I watch so many). The acting wasn't all that good and Amber Tamblyn talks funny, which is annoying. This movie is a little bit silly, so wait until it makes it to the middle section at Blockbuster and rent it for $1.99 it is so not worth $4.99.

Daybreakers was one of The Worst movies I have ever seen. It was horrible. I'm gonna go ahead and put it on the top 25 worst movies EVER in the history of the universe list. We almost walked out, and we NEVER walk out of movies. It was really super gory and bloody for no reason. And the story line was not worth watching. The vampire's name was Edward, they couldn't think of anything better? Are all vampires named Edward? What were they thinking? Please do not waste your time watching this. Even if someone gives it to you for free, don't watch it just pass it on to an enemy or something.

Friday, January 22, 2010

how true is this?


I cannot count the number of times I have downloaded a Saved by the Bell episode or some song I loved as a child to relive it again. It's disappointing when it isn't as good as you remember it being. But, it is kind of nice to rewatch the Mystery Dinner Episode!! And you better believe when I find the Kool-Aid-Man-Stuffed-Animal-that-I-wanted-more-than-anything-back-in-Kindergarten on ebay, it is MINE!!!

What's your favorite thing to relive from way back when?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Shoes!

I started to post something else today, but I feel like all I have to talk about is breakfast and Garrett and I'm really getting tired of those two things. I was feeling lazy and not wanting to add any pictures but, I sucked it up for your sake and instead decided to do a post with too many pictures. Is there such a thing?

Kuddles in the snow in her brand new shoes!

Please excuse my chipped toenails, see her tongue? She was getting ready to lick me. I think it was her way of begging for them to be taken off.

Maybe someone else will help her get them off.

Does she look pissed? I should put them back on her so you can watch the video of her wearing them. so funny!

Are you laughing at me?

How am I supposed to walk?!?

*no animals were harmed in the making of this post. Only embarrassed!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jimmy's Egg

I have a confession.

I'm not really a breakfast person. *gasp*

I know how very unAmerican of me.

I think eggs are gross.

I don't like syrup, which rules out pancakes, waffles, and french toast.

I don't like pie either.

I know. Go ahead kick me out of the country.

You should eat breakfast out with me sometime. I do not want eggs or pancakes. Try to find a breakfast that doesn't have those two things.

You can't.

Don't even get me started on Breakfast for Dinner. ick!

Now, having said all of that. Last Sunday I woke up and said I really wish we had eggs I want to make an omelet. Obviously I wasn't thinking about what eggs really are that day.

Yesterday in our search for a yummy breakfast place we decided on Jimmy's Egg in Moore.

I ordered an omelet. It was really good. It was huge. And full of stuff (which I love because it makes the egg less obvious)

But, I have to say that the highlight of my trip was Garrett's Sweet Potato Pancakes. Oh my yummy! I'm not the biggest Sweet Potato fan, I rather have a regular old white potato any day of the week. But, whoever thought they should turn a sweet potato into a pancake gets a High Five from me. They didn't need syrup! They were super moist. And so yummy!

If you're in Oklahoma I would try Jimmy's Egg. Plus look at the fun egg they have! too cute!

Where is your favorite place to eat breakfast?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I had a lot of things planned for this Saturday. I was going to go to the library, there is some research I want to do. My car needs to be cleaned out, so badly it's horrible. I mean I think people at stop lights are judging me.

But, so far the sun has not showed up and I am enjoying a day in the house with nothing else to do but hang out with one of my favorites.

We are going to eat some Red Beans I made in the crock pot.

And some Brown Rice I'm making as I type.

Watching a marathon of

On Bravo!

Seriously does anyone love ANTM marathon's as much as I do?!? I love days where I can watch them without any interruptions! so. much. fun.

And during the commercials I am reading this.

But, it's still early. Who knows what I will end up getting done today.

But, if it isn't a darn thing I think I'm okay with it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

still friends.

Last week Garrett hurt his back. So badly in fact that his dad came and got him and drove him to the chiropractor on Thursday. He could hardly move and just seemed miserable.

His parents were going to Colorado so I took on the responsibility of caring for the whiny baby poor guy. His dad offered to cancel their trip, but I thought I could handle it.

It turns out Garrett is kinda like me when he is hurt or sick.


It's funny how much I love taking care of people, catering to the every whim, UNTIL I have to do it. Oh my lord I do not know how we made it through the weekend friends.

"Pookie (he never calls me Ashlee) I need a pillow"

so I stop what I am doing and take him a pillow get it set up how he wants it a resume my activity.

"Pook, a bigger pillow"

take him a "bigger pillow"

"I need a smaller pillow too"

take him every pillow I can find.

"Can I get a blanket too"

and this went on ALL weekend long!

We didn't kill each other though. And I decided my reward for being the best caretaker ever was the Melting Pot! ha!

I'm sitting in Panera (because I am waiting to pick Garrett up from work (he still can't drive)). Know that I'm working on my 101 list and I have some other blog updates as soon as I can find my camera cord.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Goals!

I know I'm a little late in posting these but I wanted to wait for Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner. So I've been waiting for today.

I don't have a very good track record with Resolutions. And I already have my 101 List I'm working on, but I thought I'd go ahead and make some new goals, it is after all a new decade!

I do follow some rules when coming up with goals the most important being I need goals that can be measured, so "eat healthier, exercise more" is not an option. Things that can be achieved (not too much of a stretch) and no things that are a given (turning 28) obviously if I don't live until the end of the year I don't need to beat myself up over it, and feel like a failure! :)

So, I came up with 10 goals for 2010!

1. Have Christmas presents ready by the end of October.

I plan on making a good portion of them and I don't want to be doing it at the last minute (Christmas Eve) like every other year. I will still have some last minute shopping I'm sure but I want the bulk done by October!

2. Attend a SOONERS away game!

I didn't make it to one this season, but next season I'll be at one for sure!

3. Try at least one new recipe a month

Surely I can find the time to try 12 new things I love to cook, but I tend to make the same thing over and over again until everyone is a little bit sick of it!

4. Go on a Cruise

It will happen, right now the plan is the beginning of May.

5.Head to the Big D three times to see those Texas cousins.

I only went once in 2009 and that's just silly. It's too close not to see them more often.

6. Attend an activity of each of the cousins.

I was really slacking on sporting events and concerts and other school activities. A major part of the reason I chose to brave the cold and leave Florida was to be able to be around while these kids grow up and I sure dropped the ball last year.

7. Send/Give Birthday Cards to the kids

I'm already too late to do everyone I've missed too many birthdays (my family is really that huge) So, I'll go for kids this year and everyone next year!

Weight - I know everyone does this and that's why I didn't start with it. The last three goals are to help me reach my weight loss goal. I set a goal for myself to lose 30lbs before I go on the cruise I talked about in # 4.

Weight is the only one that gets rewarded.
10lbs Send in for passport
20lbs book cruise
30lbs go on cruise

8. Track calories daily.

This works.
I know it works. I've used it to lose quite a bit of weight. And yet I just don't do it.

9. Eat lunch out no more than once a month when at work.

When I don't bring my lunch I head out to one of the many fast food establishments or restaurants near my office. I'm spending a ton of money and it isn't healthy. So, I won't do it any more. Once a month I can forget my lunch and that is it!

10. Exercise 2 hours a week
Okay I know two hours a week is pretty much nothing but, it's a start. In 2008 I was doing about that much a day. 2009 not so much. I'm not sure where my motivation went but maybe if I start out slow I work myself back up to more.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Complicated.

Saturday night we went and saw It's Complicated. I had heard lots of good things about it from the powers that be on the internet. Everyone raved about how funny it was. With star studded cast Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin I thought it was sure to be good. A chick flick romantic comedy, but sometimes those are right up my alley.

There is nothing complicated about it. It's just not funny!

I do not agree with the Internets. This movie was not funny. People laughed a lot in the theater. I commented that it sounded like a laugh track, Garrett thought that a laugh track would have been better because it would have tried to laugh at funny parts. Seriously it was like "look at this sandwich" then everyone died laughing. Not. funny. I think we laughed twice each. When no one else was laughing. of course.

Garrett thought that it was an older woman chick flick. Maybe he was right. But, I just don't see it. My personal opinion is that people say it's funny because other people were laughing in the theater and they don't want to feel left out. Maybe I'm biased because I have my own complicated relationships (two of them) that are WAY more entertaining than this movie. Hey Hollywood wanna make people really laugh? Come write down the things that happen in my life. That's complicated. (and probably too unbelievable for anyone to believe)

I have seen Sherlock Holmes and Avatar as well and they both get great reviews from me. Go spend your money on those to and if you must see It's Complicated, RENT IT!

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A trip through 2009

Holy-oh-my-goodness! Am I the only one that's in denial that it's about to be 2010? Am I the only one that remembers the new millennium like it was yesterday?

Um hello stealing mailboxes and running around Wal*Mart (because that was cool in High School) Seriously has it been 10 years since we were at Matt's parents house waiting for Y2K?

I guess it has. I guess I can account for all 520 weeks since then I guess it really is hours away from 2010. I still haven't even figured out what we are supposed to call this Two Thousand and Ten or Twenty Ten. I had better figure it out fast.

For now I will review my most prominent memories from each month this year. Maybe the best, maybe the worst, maybe the weirdest, just whatever pops in my head as we go.

Are you read for the ride through 2010?


January was the game. The sad, sad bowl game. I don't think you'll find one mention of it on this blog after it happened. My heart was broken. I tried to figure out what I could have differently. Sometimes I forget I'm not a part of the team. ha! Anyway, I went to watch the game on Campus Corner with Garrett and company and I was probably more into the game than your average bar sitter (duh! I love football!) At halftime when there was still plenty of hope Garrett and I decided to walk to the Business College (I think he wanted to use the bathroom there) I love campus at night. And it was so perfect outside. I was so happy to be a Sooner! I really love my school and Norman. It is just so peaceful and felt so much like home! The day after the game G and I took a mental health day and mourned our loss. So Sad!

January also brought being mistaken for Under 17 and my Sonic and Mail dilemmas


Obviously the thing that sticks out most about February 2009 is the tornado that went right in front of me at a stop light. Seriously how did I not die?!?!


March I went to Florida for the sole purpose of seeing Scottie! We had a ton of fun and I got to meet this guy! Seriously he still amazes me! I totally almost died on his boat. It was some pretty scary waves. But, thankfully we survived!

I also posted this picture in March, I think it might be one of my all time favorite pictures ever the pure joy is just the sweetest thing I think I have ever seen!

Also in March I attended my first ever March Madness tournament game and wrote my first ever letter to the NCAA


April is when my love affair with all things Cupcakes really became super intense. It's when I figured out I was good at this whole baking thing!

April is also the beginning of The List, Blogger allowed scheduled posts (seriously if I die keep checking you never know when I've got something coming!), Rita and Michale got ENGAGED!!!


At the end of very end of May I flew to my Beloved Bradenton! I got stuck in the tram that takes you to and from concourses and I busted out when some old men opened the door! May was mostly uneventful. I spent the majority of the month hanging out with Garrett helping him study for the CPA exam. We rocked that section!


June my favorite sister graduated from high school. I saw Snooty, with Desire and Natalie for the first time since like middle school. I attended Natalie's orientation for college (crazy!?!) I wrote my favorite blog post ever about getting locked out of the house, with no shoes and no bra. ha! I got in my first ever car accident while I was driving (it was not my fault, no big deal, except I had just gotten off the airplane from Florida. It didn't make the blog)


Natalie and Nate came to visit Oklahoma! We had so much fun while they were here. We went to the rodeo, hung out in Norman, had a cousin's day at Chuck E. Cheese! I tried to convince them both to move here and become Sooners!


August Sonic went out of business. No, I kid. I stopped drinking soda in August and I'm sure that Sonic saw the decrease in profits! ha! Overall August was kind of an off month. Natalie and Nate were here at the beginning of the month. Abbi got married! I spent the month just working and trying to catch up on life.


Be Still My Heart! Football freaking finally started! Seriously, I could have not been more excited. All of our hopes and dreams for this football season were crushed pretty early on with all of the injuries. But it didn't stop me from cheering on my Sooners! I dragged Garrett to the Idaho State game, in the freezing cold rain. I posted this picture post of G and I trying to get a good picture. I made the cutest cupcakes of my life. I bragged that cops don't ever see me and pull me over. And Scott was the first to turn 27. ick!


This is me sitting in some strange man's car when I got my first flat tire, October was the month of two flat tires on the side of the road, which four new tires. I also got a new transmission. It was an expensive car month. October was more football, lots of movies and some pretty fun times!


I got my first ever speeding ticket, so sad. It was also more football and the first good Thanksgiving in three years. Grandma I think you must have been pretty proud of us for getting it figured out!

December was a super crazy month. I got to see Christie, Scott, Natalie, and Nathan. I drove well over 1,000 miles in a week trying to spend as much time as possible with everyone. But, by far the thing I will always remember about December 2009 is the great Blizzard and white out in Norman. I got stuck at Garrett's house and we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together with very little food. It was interesting to say the least. But, it will be some good memories that's for sure.

I'm so behind in my posting. I had planned to post this on New Year's Eve but didn't get around to finishing it. I want to get my Christmas pictures up on here. Mostly for myself. I have some other things that have been pushed aside but I want to get up on the blog. I did not make my goal of posting every day in December (dang it I was so close) and I'm not trying to do it this month (though I have enough content.)

For now I am sure this is long enough! I'll get caught eventually!