Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here goes round 2!

Alright I did it.

I rejoined Weight Watchers.

I had been thinking about it for awhile but I did not have a good experience with the one closest to my house, and flying to Florida once a week just doesn't seem very reasonable (oh but how i wish it was!)

Last week I got a postcard from WW begging me to come back (I get them all the time), but this one was different, this one said if I wasn't 100% satisfied then I could have my money back. That was just the push I needed.

I made one major change this time. I'm going to the one in Norman. I spend a good majority of my time down there (and if things work out I will be down there full time soon). Yesterday, was my first meeting and so far I don't hate the people.

I loved, loved the people at the Florida meeting, it was seriously my favorite day of the week, but then I moved to Oklahoma and I did not enjoy going to the meetings or the people at them and at some point just stopped following the plan. And then just stopped going all together.

I really, really need the accountability of weighing somewhere other than my own bathroom once a week. I know it works. I lost almost 50lbs last time (thankfully I haven't gained all of it back) Hopefully I still don't hate these people at the end of the 4 weeks and WW can keep my money (and my extra pounds)!

I obviously wasn't thinking when I decided to start the week before Easter. There are sooo many Easter foods that are delish! But, since it's the beginning I'm really motivated, maybe it was a good move on my part.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way to let me down!

Yesterday morning I decided to stop and get a Trail Mix Bagel from Panera. They are so yummy!

I ordered my bagel and a tub of cream cheese.

Cash Register Girl (CRG) was like a small individual cream cheese?

Me- No. A tub.
CRG- A whole entire big tub?!?!
Me- Yes a big fat tub.

CRG looked at me like I was crazy. I could have explained to her that a $1.20 is a RIPOFF for the single size cream cheese that I use 10cents of before I throw it away. So, I choose spend an extra dollar and put it in the fridge and use it until I throw it away. It's genius really, if i do say so myself. But, I didn't like the way she looked at me. So, I opted to let her think I was going to use the entire 8oz tub for one bagel. I'm funny like that.

CRG tells the Bagel Lady she wants ONE trail mix bagel and an ENTIRE large tub of honey walnut cream cheese. Bagel Lady didn't bat an eye. I liked her. She did say there are no sunflower seeds or nuts on the bagel is that okay? I told her it was fine, sad, very sad, but fine.

Then CRG jumps in and happy voice says today is the last day for the Trail Mix Bagel. WHAT?!?! It's being replaced by the Jalapeno & Cheese bagel.

So, CRG and Panera ruined my whole drive to work.

I will not be gracing Panera with my presence in the morning any longer. Unless...they bring back my beloved Trail Mix Bagel!

Dear Panera,

I am NOT interested in eating Jalapeno's for breakfast, ever! I'm already mad at you because last week you were out of my Chocolate Duet straight-from-heaven cookies. And your coffee drinks are not very tasty. But, I still love the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, so don't get rid of that and we can be afternoon friends.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

The most annoying thing

Today Garrett and I have spent the day doing our favorite thing, sitting in the same room on different computers. He plays video games (circa 1994) and I read blogs and do other online things, sometimes I read books. We talk when the mood strikes. Sometimes I stop and watch him kill rats for awhile. But, mostly we just coexist no real interaction. We're close in proximity and that's nice.

BUT, there is one major issue with our days of doing nothing...it is 5:06 post meridiem and I have not eaten a single thing ALL DAY LONG!!

At about 1:00 Garrett said he was getting a little hungry.

I said want me to hunt through the cabinets and find something to make? (We're at his parents house (who are out of town) so it isn't our food).

He said no I really want a chicken salad sandwich from Cafe Bella. Great, when I finish this up I think I'll take a shower and we can go.

At 2:48pm I said so are you going to take a shower before we go? He informed me he was.

At about 3:32 he saved his game, left the computer and got dressed. Deciding he didn't want a shower, the water heater at his parents house is turned down to save money and the showers are FREAKING COLD!! I kid you not I had goose bumps my whole entire shower. INSANE!

I got up stopped what I was doing and put a load of laundry on to wash while we were gone. At 3:38 Garrett started to walk out of the kitchen and I asked where he was going...to look at one thing he said. On the game? Ya just one quick thing.

At 4:17 he asked where the closest Outback was, I told him and he said okay. I said do you want to go there and he said well it's my second choice if Cafe Bella is closed. Sure no problem.

Right now at 5:16pm I said to him I just blogged about how you never let me eat when I'm with you. And he laughed.

It's true though yesterday the first time I ate was at almost 7:00PM.

Why am I not skinny?!?!

Well, I know why and I have tried many times to explain to him that it is not good to eat only one meal a day. But, he just does not get it. If I start to get something to eat he says just a minute I'm almost ready to go.

Seriously, though I bet I am not sitting down to eat before 7:00 post meridiem.

Does he not get hungry? ever?

UPDATE: At 8:36, I was finally eating some yummy ribs from Texas Road House!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Not the tv show.

My darn camera cord...again.

Sad because I really have lots and lots of fun things to update. But, I guess for now I'll do a post with no pictures. boo. Here is some randomness.

I made a group on Yahoo for this year's NCAA Basketball Brackets there are three people in my group. Me, Garrett, and Scott. Yup, me and my two ex-boyfriends. My life is so strange.

Since I've been house sitting I've been soaking up lots and lots of Game Show Network. I freaking love that channel. It's probably good that I don't have it at home (or at Garrett's) otherwise I would never get anything done.

After work today I went to Target. (I love that place!!) I was looking for, among other things, a scale. I have a scale but there is something wrong with it and I have to change the battery like every week which is really really annoying. I decided it was probably in my best interest to get a new one instead of buying batteries all the freaking time. So, I walked around and around Target and I did not see one scale (or one person to ask where to locate on) I'm fairly certain that they don't sell them because I went down every s.i.n.g.l.e aisle. Annoying. I guess I'll have to get one from Walmart. I know right were they keep them.

I've been craving Mashed Potatoes like there is no tomorrow, I think maybe because I associate them with St. Patrick's Day? Last night we (Garrett and I) went to Johnny Carino's for half-price appetizers, they were okay, but I would have rather had cornbeef, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. After dinner we went to Garrett's work where I watched OU Baseball and he worked (oh tax season). Not the most exciting St. Patrick's Day but we're old so it was just fine with us!

Today I got some mashed potatoes for lunch and they totally lived up to the craving!

Monday, March 15, 2010


This week I'm hanging out with Biscuit while his family is on a cruise!
Biscuit jumps so high when he is waiting to be let in (or out of) the house it cracks me up!

If I look at him he stops, drops, and rolls for me to rub his tummy. silly puppy!

He tries to play with the cats. They aren't so interested.

He w.h.i.n.e.s if I shut him out of the bedroom.

He likes to cuddle really close to me at bed time.

In the morning he wakes up WAY early, but he patiently waits for me to get up.

Biscuit is a super sweet doggie!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

just doing my job.

Today I got this delivered to work!
(it's not so blurry in real life!)
From a client as a thank you.
I was just doing my job.
But, it's so nice to be appreciated!
She even called me awesome!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You're too old....

On Monday I went to eat lunch at school with my favorite first grader!
I was a surprise, with the gift of a Happy Meal.
I managed to make it to the cafeteria right before O got her food
(thankfully she was at the end of the line!)

I took my seat next to her at the tiny lunch table and she was giddy that I was there!
So, were the other kids!

Right after we sat down the following scene occurred.

Juniper: (looking directly at O) Olivia is that your babysitter?

Olivia: No! She's my cousin!

Juniper: (looking directly at me) You look a little bit OLD to be a cousin?

Me: (in my head, of course) You look a little bit STUPID to be in first grade.

It kind of hurt my pride a little bit, silly little seven year old.

Doesn't she know people think I'm way younger than I really am?

Just to make things a little worse in the car yesterday Garrett said "Ashlee we really look like we're 27 years old"

Is it true? Am I starting to look old?