Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Let's do this bullet style, because I love bullets!

  • I would be a TON happier if I could dry my hair in the car.
  • I almost painted my nails in the car this morning. (multitasking people)

  • I woke up last night and thought someone was sharping knives outside of the window (you know to chop me up) I sat up (slyly) in bed to see if I could see their shadow (I couldn't).

  • guess I should stop watching TRUtv (Not Reality. Actuality.) before I go to sleep.

  • I also had a dream that there were pelicans in Oklahoma and I wanted to look at them so I made the person driving turn around (I was chanting "their beaks can hold more than their bellies can") and then this one pelican was knocking on my car window with his beak and I couldn't get a picture (I was also kidnapped and held hostage on some farm? and late for my hair appointment that was sooner than I usually make them in this dream)

  • It's been 123 minutes and 3 seconds (you know football time) since anyone scored against my Sooners.

  • I lost my debit card a month ago and finally ordered a new one yesterday.

  • It made me hate my bank a little bit. I still think the pros outweigh the cons. (I think)
  • The other morning I went to put my contacts in and couldn't find the right one ANYWHERE I was a pretty upset about it, until I realized it was in my eye. I never took it out the night contact in, one contact out; isn't that a nursery rhyme?

  • I love french fries more than most things, and lately the thought of them makes me physically ill. sad.

  • I woke up rested for the first time in a LONG time this morning! yay.

  • I heart Bob Stoops more every time I hear him (or any other coach) speak.

  • My car is so messy and I just don't want to clean it out. I think I'll offer myself a prize if I do it.

  • One of the blogs I read found out she was pregnant yesterday, and my heart swelled so big for her. Bigger then when either of my facebook friends posted they were preggo last weekend. I don't even know bloggers name well enough to tell you without looking it up. I couldn't be more excited and have spent a ton of time since then hoping the baby/ies stick.

  • I am so excited about wearing long sleeves! Giddy even.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Something about a milk truck always makes me smile, it's so silly, it looks like a gas truck but it has milk in it. I always picture someone hooking up a big hose to it and then trying to drink out straight out of the truck. So funny!

Then it starts to gross me out, first how do they keep that stuff cold and how clean is it in there? My milk is floating in a metal truck driving down the highway. Ick.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Happy Birthday Scott! You are one of very best friends!

Here are 27 things I like about you!

1. Your Dimples!
2. You call me every day after work.
3. You make your very own fishing poles.
4. You always let me catch more fish than you! :)
5. You're a SOONER fan!
6. You have the cutest nieces
7. You change your hobbies like other people change socks!
8. You love Florida as much as me.
9. You love Oklahoma.
10. You take me to the Melting Pot
11. You email me when I'm bored at work.
12. You pick out the best color Colombia shirts!
13. You wear a visor (which totally reminds me of Bob Stoops!!!)
14. You go shopping with me (and never complain!)
15. You let me pick out clothes for you to wear.
16. You buy me fun presents.
17. You're a great cook (chef?)
18. Your curls!
19. You don't mind matching me!
20. You totally get that I can't cover up my feet
21. You mostly always go along with my crazy ideas.
22. You try to get the best gossip to share with me.
23. You always give me suggestions when I call and ask you what I should eat.
24. You make me smile.
25. You are gonna be a great dad someday!
26. You are the sweetest lizard rescuer ever!
27. You are always willing to try something new.

I hope have your best year so far!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I was away from Kuddles for a few days (so she was sleeping in her kennel) when I got back she decided to sleep in my bag for two nights instead of in the bed with me? I think she knew where I was (she could smell it) and was sad I didn't take her. :(

Friday, September 25, 2009


My phone got I tried the whole put it in rice's dry now, and I still have a bowl of rice next to my bed....I'm not so sure how it worked. But, it was worth the try.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can You See Me Now?

At least three times a week the following sentence comes out of my mouth "am I invisible? can other cars not see me?" I save it for days when I get almost hit on more than one occasion usually it's around about the third time I have to swerve/slam on my breaks to keep from getting smashed. I drive with other people and I have never seen someone almost get hit as much as I do, people frequently get into the space where I am, turn directly at me, pull out in front of me to the point that if I couldn't swerve into a different lane I would be a pancake. I really feel invisible, because they surely wouldn't do they things they do if they saw me. I admit I am not, NOT a patient driver, I get frustrated with stupid drivers, rude drivers, and slow drivers. I could write a whole post (probably a whole blog) on my road rage, (please note I understand that everyone makes mistakes, the only time I've ever been hit (knock on wood) I was not mad at the drivers responsible they did nothing stupid or selfish) I only get mad at people who do something I wouldn't do (very humble of me I know). Anyway I digress....

This morning my invisibility seemed to be working to my advantage, I was in the far left lane (the PASSING lane, people if you aren't passing someone GET OUT! seriously it's like my biggest driving pet peeve. Driving next to someone in the lane next to you for 7 miles does NOT count as passing, in any situation. ever.) So there were about 4 cars in the far left PASSING lane that were going what I considered to be too slow, boxing me in because they were traveling at a rate of speed equal to or less than those in the middle left lane. I was feeling impatient and hating the girl in the car directly in front of me, seriously insulting her big stupid sun glasses and thinking about how fun it would be to chuck a water bottle at her car. I finally got my chance to take action when a truck got over and gave me enough room to pass all the cars that shouldn't be in the passing lane on the right (which I hate doing) but I got over and accelerated (glaring at the girl in front of me, she knew how I felt she had been being stupid since we got on the road) I passed all of those cars (going too fast; about 15 mph too fast) on the right, right under an underpass with a motorcycle cop. DANG IT. I slammed on my breaks a little bit and looked at him, I was ready to be pulled over (for the only the second time, and was willing myself not to sob hysterically cry when it happened) and lo and behold that man never got on his motorcycle and never pulled me over!! The only explanation I can see is that I was invisible to him also! Sweet!

I had intended to blog about a few other things (one more of which was a rant) but I have gotten quite wordy, in the essence of your time I believe I will go ahead and save those for another day.

This post has brought to my attention that I need to blog about my other biggest driving pet peeve, that I am sure will be the death of me at some point. I am almost positive that my blood pressure rises so much when I encounter this situation that I am only seconds away from a heart attack. My heart races so fast that I am sure it counts as my daily exercise.
I also need to share the story of the one and only (knock on wood) time I was pulled over, if for no other reason so that someday when I am old and forgetful I can look back with fond memories.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


These are my most recent Cupcake Creations. I made them for Grammy to take to a cook out. They were a huge hit (I hear). The French Fries are sugar cookies. They weren't too hard to make and they were tasty!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Baking Fun!

Grammy and O baked some bread

They got a little bit messy!

But they had fun!

Then we made Cupcakes (my favorite!)

It takes a lot of concentration!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Game Time!

Right now I am doing this....


Just as Matt Moreland gets ready.....

to kick this

While 85,000 people...


Friday, September 18, 2009


My favorite smallest kids spent the night recently. We blew bubbles!
(see the mark on C's head? he "feel off my bed and went to the hos-a-pital and got some stitches")

The temperature was perfect!

so sweet!

More bubbles!

Lots of spinning in the hammock swing!

So pretty!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Saturday was the first game of the season! oh how I love Norman on Game days! It really is my favorite time of the year!

For quite a few years it seems the first game has been marked with rain and this year was no exception. It was VERY rainy, and pretty chilly. But, we didn't let it stop us!

We were playing Idaho State which is really no more than a glorified high school team. But, with so many of our players hurt it was a good week to see what Laundry Jones could with his first college start. He did a great job!

We parked at Lloyd Noble which is a good mile and a half or two miles from the stadium, and decided not to take the bus (because they started charging and those people have enough of our money!)

I was having trouble keeping up with the boy, because he was walking pretty fast and I had on flip flops that were really really slippery. So, I spent most of the time trying to keep up.

That is until I decided to take off my shoes and just go barefoot. So, safe and sanitary I know.

We made it to the stadium, pretty wet.

Don't let his face fool you, he is so excited to be sitting in the rain at a game with me!
side note, I dried and straightened my hair that afternoon, what a waste of life!

seriously love this place!

Make that 25, longest streak and a school record! Hope we keep it up this week!

I put my shoes back on but man were my feet wet!
(better than wet socks!!)

This year's drum major, he's go it down pretty good.

G thinks I have a wonky finger, to go with my wonky arm, I think he is mean!

The Pride of Oklahoma.
the Big XII flags.

Game time!!

I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the light and his hair sticking up. But then there was the rain drop on the camera.

This is the look I got when he figured out I was snapping pictures, I stopped.

We won 64-0 and that was good enough for me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cousin Day

While Natalie was here we had a cousins day. Cousin's only no Parents! Maybe it's because I didn't get my first cousin until I was 11 but I love doing things with my cousins.

Someday when they (the cousins) are old and I'm ancient I want them to think back on all the fun they had with me. Once Grammy said in the not too distant past "oh she's my cousin but I didn't really have a relationship with her she was a lot older than me" tuns out the cousin was 9 years older than Gram. I pointed out my oldest cousin is 11 years younger than I am and my youngest is 23 years younger. It kind of broke my heart. I hope those kids never say such stuff about me. So, I will continue to host Cousin Days and Girl Cousin Days until they just don't show up any more!

Anyway, back to Cousin Day....

We had a cookie cake!

And a trip to Chuck E. Cheese (The big kids still ask to go every summer, thank goodness we have the little ones so that we don't look silly!)

Everyone got a million tickets and a bunch of junk (most of which broke on the car ride home)

We ate pizza and had a good time!

Sang and Danced!

Talked and even included Nate (not a real cousin)

Then we got our Jammies on and Watched Bolt. C wanted to sit in my lap. When the movie started he covered his eyes and said. "It's too scary I don't think I'm gonna watch."

We made O join the picture she looks thrilled (must be because she is with her old cousin)

Blaine was a part of the activities also but I think he was just having too much fun to stop for a photo?

We missed Jack and Nathan. It's always nice when we get ALL the cousins together. (I have a picture of the last time we were all at Chuck E Cheese, I'll have to scan it. someday)

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Hair

It's still blonde I just had her add some low lights since it is getting to be fall around her. I like it! It's not quite as white blonde as it was before. Please excuse my no make up in Pjs self! (and isn't it weird that my eyes look gray?) I think it must be the lighting. oh Photoshop how I wish I owned you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Game Time!

There is only ONE Oklahoma!

It's Kick off time.

I'm in Norman, America. With my finger in the air.


You can do it boys!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Tomorrow is our first home game. Here is hoping that this week goes better than last. It sucks to lose a game. Always. It's frustrating to lose the first game it makes you feel discouraged about the whole season (at least at first). It sucks that penalties were such a factor. Because we can control that. But, it breaks my heart when there are injuries. My heart broke for Jermaine Gresham he sacrificed a lot of money to come back and play for the team. But, then to watch Sam hurt his shoulder. It was quite the blow for Sooner fans. I hate to see injuries. It's my very least favorite thing about college football (that and obnoxious fans). But, I'll be there to cheer the boys on for the whole season! And I'm far from giving up hope of a FANTASTIC season!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


(warning this post contains a lot of pictures, of the same thing)

After Abbi's wedding I told Garrett we needed to take a picture together....

I took a few and deleted them. Because I hated them.

Then Garrett pretended to be me and it was too funny not to keep. Because really it's pretty close.

This one G's eyes were FINALLY open but I had no upper lip

Garrett opening his eyes as W I D E as possible. and me looking like my teeth don't match up. and I have double cheeks.

Garrett looks good. Me not so much.

G figures out that I grit my teeth and I take better pictures when I'm relaxed and natural. I try not to grit my teeth.

Two sets of squinty eyes. But, my teeth aren't clinched!

I think G is trying to do the same mouth thing as me, the eyes are just a bonus. I'm trying to do the whole fake/real laughing thing to get the best picture. doesn't work.

I obviously said something profound that Garrett either thought was stupid or confusing. I cracked up when I saw this picture because he gives me this look ALL the time in real life and now I have it documented.

Trying to give me the confused look. Not as good when it isn't natural.

His mouth open, mine gritted this is going NOWHERE

Trying to haven an open mouth, my tongue always gets in the way! wtf is he doing?

hey I see what Garrett means in that first picture. I really do look like that!

G assures me that I don't walk around looking like I have a ton of extra fat on one side of my's only in pictures.

I decide that maybe it has something to do with my position and the fact that I have to stretch my arm out so far. Garrett doesn't believe. But, guess what?!? It gets better! Well, except for Garrett. His skeptical look?

Garrett looks great!! I look like a red tomato with extra fat gritted teeth and messed up hair. (I really can't believe he is still taking pictures with me)

I really do grit my teeth. I figure this is as good as we will get, we must be up to 30 pictures by now. G thinks he looks like a "fag". Let's try it again.

Not so bad, I don't look like I'm going to grind my teeth into oblivion, my hair is nice. Garrett says no.

After all of that, this is the picture that wins the best picture of the night. I was just glad to be finished. I think in the future Garrett and I will have to photoshop our best pictures together, to get a good one!