Thursday, September 10, 2009


(warning this post contains a lot of pictures, of the same thing)

After Abbi's wedding I told Garrett we needed to take a picture together....

I took a few and deleted them. Because I hated them.

Then Garrett pretended to be me and it was too funny not to keep. Because really it's pretty close.

This one G's eyes were FINALLY open but I had no upper lip

Garrett opening his eyes as W I D E as possible. and me looking like my teeth don't match up. and I have double cheeks.

Garrett looks good. Me not so much.

G figures out that I grit my teeth and I take better pictures when I'm relaxed and natural. I try not to grit my teeth.

Two sets of squinty eyes. But, my teeth aren't clinched!

I think G is trying to do the same mouth thing as me, the eyes are just a bonus. I'm trying to do the whole fake/real laughing thing to get the best picture. doesn't work.

I obviously said something profound that Garrett either thought was stupid or confusing. I cracked up when I saw this picture because he gives me this look ALL the time in real life and now I have it documented.

Trying to give me the confused look. Not as good when it isn't natural.

His mouth open, mine gritted this is going NOWHERE

Trying to haven an open mouth, my tongue always gets in the way! wtf is he doing?

hey I see what Garrett means in that first picture. I really do look like that!

G assures me that I don't walk around looking like I have a ton of extra fat on one side of my's only in pictures.

I decide that maybe it has something to do with my position and the fact that I have to stretch my arm out so far. Garrett doesn't believe. But, guess what?!? It gets better! Well, except for Garrett. His skeptical look?

Garrett looks great!! I look like a red tomato with extra fat gritted teeth and messed up hair. (I really can't believe he is still taking pictures with me)

I really do grit my teeth. I figure this is as good as we will get, we must be up to 30 pictures by now. G thinks he looks like a "fag". Let's try it again.

Not so bad, I don't look like I'm going to grind my teeth into oblivion, my hair is nice. Garrett says no.

After all of that, this is the picture that wins the best picture of the night. I was just glad to be finished. I think in the future Garrett and I will have to photoshop our best pictures together, to get a good one!

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