Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cousin Day

While Natalie was here we had a cousins day. Cousin's only no Parents! Maybe it's because I didn't get my first cousin until I was 11 but I love doing things with my cousins.

Someday when they (the cousins) are old and I'm ancient I want them to think back on all the fun they had with me. Once Grammy said in the not too distant past "oh she's my cousin but I didn't really have a relationship with her she was a lot older than me" tuns out the cousin was 9 years older than Gram. I pointed out my oldest cousin is 11 years younger than I am and my youngest is 23 years younger. It kind of broke my heart. I hope those kids never say such stuff about me. So, I will continue to host Cousin Days and Girl Cousin Days until they just don't show up any more!

Anyway, back to Cousin Day....

We had a cookie cake!

And a trip to Chuck E. Cheese (The big kids still ask to go every summer, thank goodness we have the little ones so that we don't look silly!)

Everyone got a million tickets and a bunch of junk (most of which broke on the car ride home)

We ate pizza and had a good time!

Sang and Danced!

Talked and even included Nate (not a real cousin)

Then we got our Jammies on and Watched Bolt. C wanted to sit in my lap. When the movie started he covered his eyes and said. "It's too scary I don't think I'm gonna watch."

We made O join the picture she looks thrilled (must be because she is with her old cousin)

Blaine was a part of the activities also but I think he was just having too much fun to stop for a photo?

We missed Jack and Nathan. It's always nice when we get ALL the cousins together. (I have a picture of the last time we were all at Chuck E Cheese, I'll have to scan it. someday)

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Paisley said...

Yay for cousins day!! You can (and should) make ANY day a holiday with a cookie!!