Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Let's do this bullet style, because I love bullets!

  • I would be a TON happier if I could dry my hair in the car.
  • I almost painted my nails in the car this morning. (multitasking people)

  • I woke up last night and thought someone was sharping knives outside of the window (you know to chop me up) I sat up (slyly) in bed to see if I could see their shadow (I couldn't).

  • guess I should stop watching TRUtv (Not Reality. Actuality.) before I go to sleep.

  • I also had a dream that there were pelicans in Oklahoma and I wanted to look at them so I made the person driving turn around (I was chanting "their beaks can hold more than their bellies can") and then this one pelican was knocking on my car window with his beak and I couldn't get a picture (I was also kidnapped and held hostage on some farm? and late for my hair appointment that was sooner than I usually make them in this dream)

  • It's been 123 minutes and 3 seconds (you know football time) since anyone scored against my Sooners.

  • I lost my debit card a month ago and finally ordered a new one yesterday.

  • It made me hate my bank a little bit. I still think the pros outweigh the cons. (I think)
  • The other morning I went to put my contacts in and couldn't find the right one ANYWHERE I was a pretty upset about it, until I realized it was in my eye. I never took it out the night contact in, one contact out; isn't that a nursery rhyme?

  • I love french fries more than most things, and lately the thought of them makes me physically ill. sad.

  • I woke up rested for the first time in a LONG time this morning! yay.

  • I heart Bob Stoops more every time I hear him (or any other coach) speak.

  • My car is so messy and I just don't want to clean it out. I think I'll offer myself a prize if I do it.

  • One of the blogs I read found out she was pregnant yesterday, and my heart swelled so big for her. Bigger then when either of my facebook friends posted they were preggo last weekend. I don't even know bloggers name well enough to tell you without looking it up. I couldn't be more excited and have spent a ton of time since then hoping the baby/ies stick.

  • I am so excited about wearing long sleeves! Giddy even.

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