Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movie Night

The other day Garrett told someone I don't laugh at his jokes any more, and it kind of broke my heart.

Between work and school and life we don't seem to be spending quite as much time together. Not only is the quantity low but the quality is severely lacking. 

Lately we've been those people who go out to dinner and spend the entire time on our respective phones. I hate being one of those people. 

So in an effort to make more time for each other we've watched three movies since I got home Saturday. Two in the theater and one Redbox. Just like old times! Forget responsibility let's watch movies!

Rock of Ages was good, pretty corny, but it was fun to watch and the music was good! Nothings beats 80s music! 

We really liked Trust a lot! I thought it was pretty accurate with the situation and the acting was spot on. We've already recommended it to a couple of people, and has started some great conversations!

Snow White and the Huntsman - why did they make this movie? It was horrible, we spent most of the time laughing at how incredibly awful it was, fun for us, annoying to the other people in the theater. At one point I asked Garrett if he knew how long the movie was and he said "two hours too long" my feelings exactly. It was a time waster. 

We were going to see Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (which I expect to be awful) but our theater only had it in 3D. 

Are we the only people that hate 3D movies? I just really don't feel like they add anything to the movie and I do not have any desire to wear those stupid glasses! I will never willingly choose to go see one, but I'm obviously in the minority in this....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer has arrived.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Half Birthday To Me!

I almost wasn't going to celebrate my last half birthday of my 20s starting a new decade is scary!

But, I owe my twenties a lot they taught me so much! Most importantly - even the best laid plans can fail, and that's okay! I'm so excited about the path I'm on, and I have no doubt my thirties are going to be my best decade yet!

Garrett forbid half birthday presents this year. Boo! I'm a firm believer that our birthday's are so close to Christmas we should get half birthday presents to even things out..

Here are some things on my wish list!

Favorite Places necklace! With my hometown's coordinates! I love that place!

This Kate Spade watch! Love love love!

This canvas would look awesome in our guest room! Boomer Sooner!
How cute is this for summer? It may be because I just packed my (giant) purse (that I love!) in my llbean tote but I'm wishing for a smaller bag for summer! and I just love this color!

And most importantly for the OKC THUNDER to beat the heat!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It turns out I love love love instagram more than blogger and facebook! It makes me think I should jump on the twitter bandwagon...Ouashlee if you wanna follow me on instagram!

Here is a picture of the pup just because she's cute!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four in a Row!

I'm a little behind in my blogging. Surprise!

I figured I'd jump into the present real quick to tell you that our OKC Thunder won the Western Conference Championship last night. After starting out 2-0 to a team that had won 20 games in a row the Thunder came back and won 4 in a row...and I was there!

So sad story is that my camera is attached to my arm, I never leave home with out one of my cameras until last night. I only had my iphone that could not get a good picture to save its life!

Either way I was there sitting in the lower section with my Sister! I love how excited Oklahoma gets about our basketball team, we don't have any other professional sports here so everyone can invest all their energy into the Thunder! I love that every seat in the arena has a shirt on the back of it, and (almost) everyone puts them on so there are a 18,203 people wearing the same shirt! Last night was a white out!

I've been to a lot of sporting events in my time and this is the only one I can remember there being a prayer before the games begin. (Yes I took a picture during the prayer) :)

I don't know if I give Garrett enough credit for how awesome he really is. He got two tickets for game six (he sometimes gets tickets from work for free) and immediately suggested that I take Natalie. Knowing that if we won it would be the first time in franchise history for us to win the Conference title. 

The atmosphere was amazing. It was loud, but I'm not going to lie there was a time when we were down by 18 points when you could tell the crowd was getting a little discouraged. Natalie leaned over and said maybe we should leave early if they can't get it together so that we can beat the traffic. But the players kept playing and the crowd rebounded and got louder and louder as the second half went on to reach a new loud with 24 seconds left when Kendrick Perkins dunked the ball and brought the score to a comfortable lead of 6 :) I don't think I have ever heard a crowd so loud!

I left the stadium after the 107-99 win and I could not hear out of one of my ears. We were that loud! My voice is still scratchy today but it was so worth it!

Cannot wait for the Finals!