Sunday, September 28, 2008

B&B football pics!

I have lots of blogs in my head, but I know what you people really want. And it's not the ramblings in my head, so we'll save those for another day!

Here are the boys first football games. Enjoy, sorry there aren't more of Blake I'll post more of him when I get some! Enjoy!!

Drinking some Gatorade!

On the field waiting to make a big play!

On the sideline!

Then it was Blaine's turn, running in the rain.

Posing after his touchdown!

Listening to the Coach!

Holding the sign for the boys to run through! (which is obviously out or order)

Me under the umbrella, when my hair was long! (please excuse my no make up looking crappy but it was a hurricane!!)

Also congrats to my SOONERS!! #1 in both polls! Most weeks at #1 ever in the whole life of the AP poll!! Keep up the good work boys! (and remember not to let it go to your head!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

avocados, friends, and phone calls.

So, I went out with some friends last night, and the conversation was interspersed with "what are we gonna be when we grow ups". At one point I said I think I'd like to be a professional blogger, after a chuckle I said "ya I don't see it happening seeing is how my current blog only has like four readers" my friend replied "and three of them got there accidentally, and didn't stick around" aw so sad. I wonder if I could be a professional blog reader? I'm good at that! I left still not knowing what I am going to be, such is life. It was good times, fun people, and as always lots of laughs.

While I was there I ate my weight in avocados, I love them so!

The best part of my today was I stopped on my way to work and got a phone card and called Christie, I miss her! We got cut off because it wasn't a very big phone card and she called me back later! Then we talked on AIM, three times I got to talk to my very favorite Crumbly one!

Good two days!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

Did you know that today in 1962 The Jetson's made their first TV appearance? The show was aired on Sunday nights until March 3, 1963. Originally there were only 24 episodes, in 1985 due to the shows continued popularity more episodes where made.

Happy Birthday Jetsons!

I hit my snooze 8 time this morning, I'm pretty sure that the extra 48 minutes of sleep I got was not good quality sleep, and I should have just gotten out of bed the first time. oh well. I think I'll be going to bed early this night.
This weekend I watched lots of football, sadly OU had a BYE week, sad for me but good for Marcus to heal, he was attacked by Washington's football players after getting a much deserved personal foul last week, the retaliation was not needed. Hopefully, he'll be back and ready to play against TCU. There were lots of other good games on to keep me entertained.
Sunday I did not get the BUCS game again, boo! I did get to watch the Dallas Cowboys, who did not look great, but they won, so good for them! I hope Roy Williams gets better soon and can get back on the field!
In between football games...I watched...
Baby Mama, it was pretty funny!

Made of Honor, it was sweet!
Christie I know the end if you need me to tell it to you!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Most small children have a comfort item of some kind or another a bear, a blankie, a chewie, a something. Mine was a dog, a rather large dog. Her name was Judy (at the time I got her we had a real dog named Judy). I loved my stuffed Judy and took her every where with me. Every summer I flew from Florida to Oklahoma (usually alone), and most summers my mom would tell me Judy is too big you can't take her. If you want to take something smaller you can but Judy's just too big. Every summer I would take my backpack that was supposed to be filled with things to entertain a small child traveling half-way across the country, and fold and squish my Judy in there. She always fit. Sometimes I would take her out on the airplane, sometimes I'd wait until I was safely in Oklahoma but I always took her. I couldn't sleep without her.

Eventually I stopped taking Judy every where I went.

The first time I was going to Scott's dad's house in Tulsa I was a little nervous, I had never met his dad before. I was going to have to sleep in Scott's room alone and I'm a little bit scared of new places and the dark. But, I sucked it up and went. So, the first night I was getting in to bed and I looked up on a high shelf and saw a very familiar friend looking back at was JUDY! Not, my Judy a slightly cleaner, not so loved Judy but all the same it was a Judy.

From that moment on I plotted my kidnapping of that dog, I thought all I would need was a backpack, turns out Scott's Judy was not as flexible as my Judy. But, I got her all the same. So, for your viewing pleasure here is the Judys!

My Judy is on the left (notice she is blind in one eye now) and Scott's Judy is on the right. My Judy looks so loved!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hair cut

I got my hair cut on Friday here are the pictures!
From the back because I always forget and upload them backwards. Annoying.

From the front.

Standing akimbo from the front with the sun in my face.

I of course can't get it as cute as she did. I think I'm going to have to invest in a better straightener.

Monday, September 15, 2008


today i went to Target, my favorite. In the sale clothes section I found jeans for $5.48! It turns out I actually have this pair of jeans, and I said I wouldn't buy new jeans until I lose some more weight. BUT, I could not pass up $5.00 jeans! So, I bought them. I also bought yellow nail polish because I never painted my nails yellow before It makes me look jaundice, which I was pretty sure was going to be the outcome. But, if you're tan I'd say do it. I'll leave it on a couple of days see if the jaundice look grows on me and then I think I'm gonna go back to plain old pink.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy 100!

Great game boys! Congrats to Coach Bob Stoops who after husking the Huskies 55-14 won his 100 game at OU!
We are so happy to have you coach! 100-22-0

The Sooners' victory tonight makes us the only college to have four coaches win 100 games while at one school! Coach Stoops joins coaching greats:
Barry Switzer - Head Coach 1973-1988 record 157-29-4

Bud Wilkinson - Head Coach 1947-1963 record 145-29-4

Bennie Owen - Head Coach 1905-1988 record 122-54-16
What a pleasure it is to be a part of such a great football history! Let's keep on making it! BOOMER SOONER!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


7 years. Does it seem like yesterday to anyone else? 7 isn't really a memorable anniversary so I'll save my I remember where I was, what I was doing, who I was with post for 2011(will I still be blogging then? and will it be here). But, I do remember. I feel sorry for people who still live in the 9/10 mentality, but, I'm even more sorry that we ever had to crossover.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

so tired.

I didn't sleep last night at all. I tossed and turned, tried doing crosswords (my favorite), and even read some Walden all with no avail. It was rather disappointing because at 6:00 I was trying to hold my eyes open fighting to make it to a more respectable sleep time. So when my alarm went off this morning I thought maybe I would hit the snooze and try one more time. And, sure enough I fell asleep. annoying. I turned off my alarm clock and got maybe 30minutes of weird dream sleep. I didn't take a shower this morning, and I'm okay with that. So, tonight I am watching Bones in bed and then going to sleep!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

high fructose corn syrup

I'm currently doing my own research to figure out if hfcs is worse than sugar or overall bad for me. It was recently brought to my attention by something more than the commercial with the dripping blob in the school play. So, I figured I better find out what all the fuss is about. Now there is the new commercial with the parents that say it's fine in moderation, all things are right? Except soy don't eat that stuff. The point is this. I haven't been paying much attention to what of my food would be affected (liz, christie is that right one?) by me giving up hfcs. So, as I was driving to work, I opened my lunch bag, that contains a fairly healthy lunch, to see what I shouldn't eat from it. My grapes and my 100 calorie cheez-it's were the only thing that passed. I would have to give up fiber one bars (my breakfast), yogurt, granola, and my 100 cal cookies. Maybe I should stop the research I don't know that I could take it. It does seem to be true though that by the government subsidising corn they are putting it in everything.

In other news I forgot to bring my camera to work so no fun pictures today. I haven't made anyone quit the blog world or delete my comments as of late, so that's good. They closed another road on my way to work so I was pretty confused when trying to get here this morning. Hope they get stuff fixed soon. I made a great easy mexican casserole for dinner last night, it was yummy and pretty healthy, well at least not too bad.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I left today's football game feeling very angry. Like you would never even know that we beat them 52-26 with my grumpy attitude. I'm pretty sure that it was a combination of I didn't eat anything at all until 9:00pm tonight and those stupid refs that just made me feel like screaming at them. Wish they could hear me, alas, they can't. I still love football the mostest! Hope everyone had a super saturday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

just because

I wanted to upload some pictures for you tonight. But, I can't make this computer and my camera be friends. Today I watched movies all day. My favorite kind of days, better when you do it with someone else but, Kuddles is always good company! I also painted my finger and toe nails red. I forget if I think red finger nails make you look old or slutty, either way for a game day I guess works. Hope it's not bad luck (I always hate doing new things during football season for fear that it will bring bad luck, rational I know). I got a bunch of phone calls today actually my phone rang too much. But, some of them were fun calls! So, those were okay. I had this conversation with Olivia:

O:What are you doing
O:No, what are you doing
O:NO! Ashlee! what are you doing while you do nothing!
A:just sitting here (I was trying to take a nap)
O:Oh, is Kuddles pouting

I won't bore you with the rest. But, I found that part humorous.

Anyway, that's all for today maybe you'll get pictures tomorrow. And I'm a few events behind so maybe you'll get lots of days of pictures!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Global Warming? not.

Yesterday, September 3 we set a new weather record here in Oklahoma City. A record high of 68 degrees the previous lowest high was 71 degrees shattered this 1974 record if you ask me. It is obvious this is caused by Global Warming, be concerned. It seems to me that we should be a little more focused on the rapid cool down of the Earth, I'm talking Ice Age, this is the real threat. We are looking in the wrong direction. If my record setting temperature isn't enough evidence to convince the skeptic in you. Let us take a look at the equator, Kenya perhaps? Where on September 3 they had a hail storm that left snow on the ground? What frozen water falling from the sky on the equator? Only one explanation GLOBAL WARMING is ruining our world. It must be the carbon footprint people like Al Gore are working so hard to reduce. If Oklahoma and Kenya's record setting days aren't what you're looking for then maybe the fact that for the first time in over 100 years the sun has been spotless for an entire month June 1913 was the last time there was an entire month with no spots. A spotless sun may not mean anything to you but let me tell you that lack of spots or lessening of spots have in the past signaled...are you ready for it....a rapid cool down of the Earth. Believe it people. There is no such thing as global warming, just normal fluctuations in the Earths weather patterns. Global warming has been created and sensationalized by the media just like the moon landing. (Only kidding about the moon).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sooner Football!

This weekend was the first football game of the season. Football is my most favorite thing, I love everything about it. But, being at the games is the best in the whole world, nothing quite compares. I like watching all college football but for obvious reasons I am most of fond of OU. Here are some pictures of this interesting season opener.
Kuddles was all dressed and ready to come along.
I think I might try to sneak her into a colder game, she would love it!

I love this picture I think I might frame it!

Walking into the locker room after warming up.

The Pride of Oklahoma making an OU, it's their best trick!

Getting ready to run onto the field, I'm fond of the guys laying on the field to get a good picture!

This is where the fun starts, because of lightning we had to go underneath the stadium with 84,744 of our favorite football watchers. It was reported that there were 10,000 lightning strikes in 10 minutes near the stadium, since it's less than a mile away from the National Weather Service I believe them!

We found a cave, this is me sitting waiting for the weather to pass, hoping no one discovers my hiding space where I can sit.

Jeffrey was supposed to stand and guard the entrance so I wouldn't get trampled.

The final score. (Love the new score board) OU scored on it's first 7 possessions. Then took things easy as to not run up the score on Chattanooga, who so grateful came to play against after Miami bailed on us (guess they were too scared).

Final stats. Not too shabby!