Sunday, September 28, 2008

B&B football pics!

I have lots of blogs in my head, but I know what you people really want. And it's not the ramblings in my head, so we'll save those for another day!

Here are the boys first football games. Enjoy, sorry there aren't more of Blake I'll post more of him when I get some! Enjoy!!

Drinking some Gatorade!

On the field waiting to make a big play!

On the sideline!

Then it was Blaine's turn, running in the rain.

Posing after his touchdown!

Listening to the Coach!

Holding the sign for the boys to run through! (which is obviously out or order)

Me under the umbrella, when my hair was long! (please excuse my no make up looking crappy but it was a hurricane!!)

Also congrats to my SOONERS!! #1 in both polls! Most weeks at #1 ever in the whole life of the AP poll!! Keep up the good work boys! (and remember not to let it go to your head!)


the crumb said...

is blake #25? if not i didn't see any pics of him. maybe i don't recognize those kids any more 'cause they're all grown up! you had fun watching those future-sooners, didn't ya?

riddle me that said...

blake is #25. so you should have seen two pictures of the back of him. i'm going to a game tonight so i'll work on some face pictures of blake (if he's there). aw future-sooners, i hope!