Thursday, September 4, 2008

Global Warming? not.

Yesterday, September 3 we set a new weather record here in Oklahoma City. A record high of 68 degrees the previous lowest high was 71 degrees shattered this 1974 record if you ask me. It is obvious this is caused by Global Warming, be concerned. It seems to me that we should be a little more focused on the rapid cool down of the Earth, I'm talking Ice Age, this is the real threat. We are looking in the wrong direction. If my record setting temperature isn't enough evidence to convince the skeptic in you. Let us take a look at the equator, Kenya perhaps? Where on September 3 they had a hail storm that left snow on the ground? What frozen water falling from the sky on the equator? Only one explanation GLOBAL WARMING is ruining our world. It must be the carbon footprint people like Al Gore are working so hard to reduce. If Oklahoma and Kenya's record setting days aren't what you're looking for then maybe the fact that for the first time in over 100 years the sun has been spotless for an entire month June 1913 was the last time there was an entire month with no spots. A spotless sun may not mean anything to you but let me tell you that lack of spots or lessening of spots have in the past signaled...are you ready for it....a rapid cool down of the Earth. Believe it people. There is no such thing as global warming, just normal fluctuations in the Earths weather patterns. Global warming has been created and sensationalized by the media just like the moon landing. (Only kidding about the moon).


Giant Sis said...

didn't anyone teach you not to get involved in inside sister jokes? :) and i wasn't calling her a cow. i wonder if hungarian cows say "moo" or something else? and speaking of the moon landing - i just watched a whole mythbusters showing how all the moon evidence is plausible. not that i really giev much of a care. happy football weeeknd!

riddle me that said...

No, no one ever told me not to get involved in inside sister jokes. I think hungarian cows make a sound like moo but it's probably spelled different. I am waiting for Christie to tell us. I need to see that mythbusters I have read a lot about the flat earthers. it really cracks me up that people believe that.