Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trivia Tuesday

Did you know that today in 1962 The Jetson's made their first TV appearance? The show was aired on Sunday nights until March 3, 1963. Originally there were only 24 episodes, in 1985 due to the shows continued popularity more episodes where made.

Happy Birthday Jetsons!

I hit my snooze 8 time this morning, I'm pretty sure that the extra 48 minutes of sleep I got was not good quality sleep, and I should have just gotten out of bed the first time. oh well. I think I'll be going to bed early this night.
This weekend I watched lots of football, sadly OU had a BYE week, sad for me but good for Marcus to heal, he was attacked by Washington's football players after getting a much deserved personal foul last week, the retaliation was not needed. Hopefully, he'll be back and ready to play against TCU. There were lots of other good games on to keep me entertained.
Sunday I did not get the BUCS game again, boo! I did get to watch the Dallas Cowboys, who did not look great, but they won, so good for them! I hope Roy Williams gets better soon and can get back on the field!
In between football games...I watched...
Baby Mama, it was pretty funny!

Made of Honor, it was sweet!
Christie I know the end if you need me to tell it to you!


the crumb said...

tellll me.

also, i watched baby momma this weekend and i laughed til i cried when tina was washing amy in the shower and she said, "i'm cleeeeean, i'm cleeeean"

hahahaha, i laughed just now.

riddle me that said...

haha so funny!!

and so is joey on tv dancing on friends right this second....reminds me of me dancing.

Giant Sis said...

sorry i missed your call last night. i'd be happy to be your replacement phone-talker since crumb's schedule makes her unavailable! plus, you have at&t right? so it's free to talk to you... even better!

Marlena Leilani said...

made of honor is sooooooo adorable. i saw it in theaters twice :) heheheh