Thursday, September 25, 2008

avocados, friends, and phone calls.

So, I went out with some friends last night, and the conversation was interspersed with "what are we gonna be when we grow ups". At one point I said I think I'd like to be a professional blogger, after a chuckle I said "ya I don't see it happening seeing is how my current blog only has like four readers" my friend replied "and three of them got there accidentally, and didn't stick around" aw so sad. I wonder if I could be a professional blog reader? I'm good at that! I left still not knowing what I am going to be, such is life. It was good times, fun people, and as always lots of laughs.

While I was there I ate my weight in avocados, I love them so!

The best part of my today was I stopped on my way to work and got a phone card and called Christie, I miss her! We got cut off because it wasn't a very big phone card and she called me back later! Then we talked on AIM, three times I got to talk to my very favorite Crumbly one!

Good two days!


the crumb said...

if you ever eat your weight in avocados for real...

i wanna be there.

riddle me that said...

is that a fat joke?