Monday, September 15, 2008


today i went to Target, my favorite. In the sale clothes section I found jeans for $5.48! It turns out I actually have this pair of jeans, and I said I wouldn't buy new jeans until I lose some more weight. BUT, I could not pass up $5.00 jeans! So, I bought them. I also bought yellow nail polish because I never painted my nails yellow before It makes me look jaundice, which I was pretty sure was going to be the outcome. But, if you're tan I'd say do it. I'll leave it on a couple of days see if the jaundice look grows on me and then I think I'm gonna go back to plain old pink.


the crumb said...

i wish i had $5 jeans! i also wish i had target. :(

Giant Sis said...

eww, yellow nail polish doesn't sound good. i LOVE pink though - that's what color my toes are right now. i'm hoping for one more pedicure before the end of sandal season!