Monday, December 31, 2012

It's the End of the Year as We Know It!

Here are my goals/resolutions from last year with more detail and pictures - 2012 -

Here are the results:

1. Finish my CPA requirements - DONE!!!

2. Visit Natalie at FSU - FAIL

3. Publish 200 posts - FAIL

4. Walk, jog, or run 500 miles - FAIL

5. Be in bed by 11:30 every week night - FAIL

6. Lay out the next days clothes the night before - FAIL

7. Fix my hair 4 days out of the work week - FAIL

8. Keep up with the line a day book - FAIL

9. Take an Amazing Vacation - DONE (even if my amazing vacation did end with my foot in a boot! We still went to Hawaii!)

10. Send 5 pieces of mail a month - FAIL

11. Read 12 nonschool books - DONE 

12. Buy a new car. - DONE

So 4 out of 12 is pretty bad...but I did the big ones, and I let the "these will change my daily life" ones fall by the way side.

I've been working on my new ones for 2013 so maybe I can have a little bit better success, come back to see those tomorrow!

Have an AMAZING (and safe) New Year's Eve!!1

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thunder Up!

Natalie (my very spoiled sister) made one request while she was in Oklahoma, to go to a Thunder game. Since I am all for making your every desire come true I got to work.

Normally we get out tickets free* from Garrett's employer, however, that wasn't an option this time so I mentioned to G that I was going to buy tickets in the crappy section for $12 each. Unfortunately (or not?) everyone wants to watch the Thunder so tickets are in high demand, there are no "cheap" tickets to be had.

So I paid too much to sit in the nose bleed section, but Natalie was thrilled, and the game was AMAZING! It was worth it!

(*the tickets are given to us but G does have to pay taxes on the amount of the ticket (stupid))

The Thunder were playing the Dallas Mavericks and were losing almost the entire game. Down about 11 they just couldn't catch up. I was pretty sure there was no hope for us to pull out a win.

But, as usual NBA games don't get exciting until the four quarter! The Thunder started doing everything right and Dallas's luck had run out. OKC finally took the lead!

See my boot, it didn't fit between the seat and the wall so I had to keep it turned at a funny angle. It was so swollen and sore by the time we got home. Worth it!

At the buzzer a Dallas player threw up a 3-point desperation shot and made it to send the game into overtime. It was unbelievable. I don't even think the player could believe it.

The Thunder ended up winning 111-105 in overtime and it was so fun to watch! I'm glad I made the decision to spend too much money on crappy seats because it really was a great game to be at!

Natalie was so happy we were there so it was worth it! (I look exhausted, and rightfully so there just isn't time to sleep when my sister is here!) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

I am probably a little bit biased....

Today is my birthday. 

When you're born in December your birthday competes with Christmas. If you're birthday is in May you never have to worry if the holiday party is going to fall on your birthday.

When you're birthday is in the second week of December you always have to worry if you're going to spend your birthday taking finals.

I celebrated lots of 21st birthday is college....mine was not one of them. I had a 7:30 am final on my actual birthday and the day after my birthday.

When you're born in December they send you home from the hospital in a stocking. (oh how I wish I had a picture to show you I'll work on that) and when your Mom orders you a clown cake for your birthday party, you get a Santa Clause cake.  

Sometimes people buy you joint Christmas and birthday presents. If you know a December born person PLEASE do not do this. You would never buy a joint present for someone born in July. If you absolutely must, make sure to buy them something great for their half birthday!

Your presents are wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper.

I really think people assume you're just born with a special love for Red and Green.

December birthdays are an after thought. People just don't think about them.

Chances are if you were born in December, you REALLY love your birthday (maybe even a little bit more than Christmas some days)

So you might think it sounds like I would trade my birthday, like I wish I was born in the summer or the spring or the fall or any month but December.

But, that is not true.

I'm not really a believer in astrology, but I do think there are similarities between people born around each other.

And I think people with December birthdays are the best people!

Christmas wrapping paper, combined birthday & Christmas presents, spend your birthday taking finals, not being able to have a real birthday party because there just aren't enough days in the month. I would not trade those things to be born any other time of year.

I love my December Birthday!

I mean even Jesus decided to celebrate his birth in December! :)

Have a piece of non Christmas cake for me today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Oh hi!

Remember me!

So back in October I decided to do the 31 in 31 and I did alright until I failed and I blamed it on my kidney stone. (an excuse, but a valid one, I think)

Then came November when I signed up for NaBloPoMo. For those first nine days I was going strong.

I made it to Hawaii! I was excited to show you all pictures so you could live vicariously through me.

I was going to make it through the month of posting more and then this happened....

That would be me at Hana Health in Hawaii getting a splint on my ankle because it was broken.

You want to know what will put a damper on your tropical vacation faster than anything else?

A broken limb. and crutches.

Luckily I have Garrett! He rented me a wheel chair and proceeded to spend the rest of the week pushing me wherever I wanted to go!

Garrett is wonderful and was mostly patient with me (and has continued to be since we got home) but let's be honest it put a HUGE damper on my ability to shop in Hawaii. He just wasn't willing to do that. The man has his limits!

I did spend lots of time at the edge of the sand looking at the water. And if you have to be injured I guess paradise is an awesome place to do it!

There was still plenty of time to enjoy drinks by the water, just not with my toes in the sand. (and who needs pain pills when you have pink drinks by the beach??)

When I got home I got a boot instead of a cast. (which was overall disappointing at first but turned out to be a blessing because you can take that thing off when you're foot needs some air!)

And had the flu and strep throat at the same time! (I got those as a little gift in Hawaii too, I guess the ankle wasn't enough of a souvenir for the islands)

Then as a special bonus gift I got to have surgery to remove the kidney stone that was hell bent on staying inside of my body. 

Oh did I mention I got this scooter to ride around on until I was able to put weight on my leg, it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds, but it's like a million times better than crutches so I won't complain!

My 9 year old cousin rode around on it at Thanksgiving and said "You're so lucky!" I wasn't really feeling very lucky, or at least not the good kind of lucky....

I hope I got all the sickness, accidents, and medical misfortunes out of my system for awhile because I am really just ready to be health and whole!

So other than going to see doctors at least twice a week I spent the remainder of November trying to not fall too far behind at school.

I also learned a very valuable lesson, do NOT commit to blog every day! Kidney stones, broken bones you win universe! I'm not meant to be an every day blogger!

In other just as important news...

Last night I took my last final EVER!

and now comes the fun part of applying, studying, and PASSING the CPA exam!

I'll be back soon with real camera pictures of Hawaii (soon could mean January, no commitments from me!!)