Friday, December 28, 2012

Thunder Up!

Natalie (my very spoiled sister) made one request while she was in Oklahoma, to go to a Thunder game. Since I am all for making your every desire come true I got to work.

Normally we get out tickets free* from Garrett's employer, however, that wasn't an option this time so I mentioned to G that I was going to buy tickets in the crappy section for $12 each. Unfortunately (or not?) everyone wants to watch the Thunder so tickets are in high demand, there are no "cheap" tickets to be had.

So I paid too much to sit in the nose bleed section, but Natalie was thrilled, and the game was AMAZING! It was worth it!

(*the tickets are given to us but G does have to pay taxes on the amount of the ticket (stupid))

The Thunder were playing the Dallas Mavericks and were losing almost the entire game. Down about 11 they just couldn't catch up. I was pretty sure there was no hope for us to pull out a win.

But, as usual NBA games don't get exciting until the four quarter! The Thunder started doing everything right and Dallas's luck had run out. OKC finally took the lead!

See my boot, it didn't fit between the seat and the wall so I had to keep it turned at a funny angle. It was so swollen and sore by the time we got home. Worth it!

At the buzzer a Dallas player threw up a 3-point desperation shot and made it to send the game into overtime. It was unbelievable. I don't even think the player could believe it.

The Thunder ended up winning 111-105 in overtime and it was so fun to watch! I'm glad I made the decision to spend too much money on crappy seats because it really was a great game to be at!

Natalie was so happy we were there so it was worth it! (I look exhausted, and rightfully so there just isn't time to sleep when my sister is here!) 

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