Friday, August 27, 2010

What about your family?!?

The other day I was walking out of the garage when I noticed a large spider, he was about the size of my palm (including his legs). I'm not one to be afraid of spiders, especially ones that are outside. I figure I live my life, you live yours. I won't step on you, you don't bite me. It's a good deal we have worked out.

This guy, though, he was different. First I noticed he kept coming towards me, but in a drunken kind of way. Then as I was watching him trying to zig-zag his way toward me I noticed he only had 6 legs. Sad. What wasn't sad was that he just kept acting like he wanted to get closer to me, and I didn't like it. Because that 6-legged guy and I were not meant to be friends. I walked out of my way to the panel on the garage door that makes it shut, so we wouldn't get too close to each other. All the time keeping my eye on the handicapped spider. As I walked to my car I watched that guy, and he seemed to be following me.

What happened next I think you would only believe if you had been there...

As the garage door came down I watched that spider walk away from me and towards the garage door. I thought he was maybe thinking he would find some shade in the garage, and was going to go inside, I even said "hey buddy it's gonna get hot and stuffy in there, you're better off out here" (what you don't talk out loud to spiders?).

But, shade was not what he was looking for.

He stopped under the door, he paused (I imagined he looked up, and held his breath) at the last second as the door was almost to the ground he scooted directly so his whole self was under the door.

And I heard him be squished.

I didn't know what to do, I mean I gasped, and thought about opening the garage door, to see if maybe I had imagined the sound....

But, I knew it was too late, I knew the truth...

That spider just committed suicide in front of my very eyes.

I had never seen anything like it before in my life, but I have no doubt that he knew exactly what he was doing, and before he decided on the door he was hoping that I would step on him to put him out of his misery...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Yesterday we had some drama in our lives. Nothing too bad, just the kind that makes people leave work/be really extra late for work. The kind that causes tension. The kind of drama that when everything is resolved it's laughable and you are kind of happy that your work day was shortened by two hours.

However, in the midst of that drama you're annoyed and don't want to be nice to each other. Because some one is wrong and you are CERTAIN that someone is NOT you.

When our drama was concluded yesterday (or when the missing item was located) Garrett looked at me and said "You look really pretty"

I try to take compliments (it's annoying when people say "no, blah, blah, whatever") But, I couldn't help myself this time. I said "are you just saying that were so blatantly wrong?"

He said "No, you look really good, I really like that outfit you kind of look professional, a cute little professional"

"Haha okay, Thanks"

Then he had this little gem "You look like a cute little office bunny"

Ya'll I checked real quick and I have a regular crew neck shirt on there is no cleavage so I know he wasn't talking about that kind of bunny.

So, I assume he was liking me to this....

and I think I'm okay with that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wayless Words Wednesday

Do you not just want to eat him?! 

and his amazing long eyelashes!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Traitors of the worst kind....

One of my favorite sights!!

It's almost time for college football to start!! OU kick-off is in 19 days. Ya'll I could not be more excited, I pretty much start wishing for football season within a month after the National Championship game. In all honesty by that time I need a break, I live, eat, sleep, drink college football and by January I'm ready to do nothing on Saturday. But, only for a very short period of time, then I'm ready for it to be back!!! Luckily I have Signing Day and NFL Draft Day to distract me a bit along the way.

At the Uiversity of Nebraska
This year I really got into baseball and that helped with the football withdraw a whole lot! And there was the conference drama that kept me busy. I didn't talk about it too much other than to play devil's advocate. I argued in favor of whichever side the person I was talking to didn't agree with. I could see the good and I could see the bad. I for one am happy that the Big XII Xish is still in tact, but mostly only because I HATE USC sooooo much! I wouldn't mind dominating a huge power conference.

University of Nebraska Memorial Stadium
It was awesome!

Anyway, it's been a goal of mine for awhile to visit all of the Big XII stadiums (and I was well on my way to getting there) when the separation happened....

When the traitors decided they were leaving...

A few sites around Nebraska's campus. The buildings weren't any thing unusual. But their were so many trees!
Do you see the metal one?

This summer our travels put us in the perfect position to check out the II that were no longer going to be part of our conference anymore. While both campuses were beautiful, and I enjoyed the chance to see them, I could not help walking around wanting to scream

University of Colorado Stadium
Nothing special...but, you can see the mountains. 

"Traitors, you are all a bunch of TRAITORS, I hope you win ZERO games in your new stupid EASY conferences!!"

A few sites around Colorado

There are a few things that stopped me from screaming. 1. I'm fairly certain Garrett would have left me standing there alone, and would have not come back to get me, until it was dark and no one could see him, and I'm pretty scared of the dark. 2. My brain tells me that I do want these traitors to win games in their new conference because I without a doubt KNOW that the Pac-10 and Big Ten are easier than the Big XII and if the traitors lose all their games it makes the Big XII look bad, I am yet to come up with the best solution for the Universe to punish them for their choices but I will. 3. There were more of them than of me, and I didn't want to get beat up.

The buildings and architecture around CU were great.
I enjoyed the little details like the lighting fixtures.
Plus you could see the mountains!!

Needless to say when The University of Colorado and the University of Nebraska decided to move on, and sever their ties with us my, heart broke a little. I am disappointed that I will most likely not get a chance to watch my SOONERS play in either of their home stadiums. But both campuses were gorgeous and I enjoyed being able to visit them while they we still a part of us.

Garrett and I posing with Ralphie!

(I scoured both bookstores and I was unable to find any evidence that either school belonged to the Big XII, I guess they are wishing they could get out quicker and are not going to acknowledge their last seasons with us)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And the dish ran away with the....


I asked Garrett to warm me up some pasta for dinner...

He did (so sweet right?)

When he brought it to me and said "I hope you don't mind eating it with a spoon"

Oh dear boy, please just do some dishes!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You know what they say....

A picture is worth a thousand words....

How awesome are her eyes??

We part our hair the same....

Wordy posts will resume again...


Monday, August 2, 2010

A bullet post kind of day....

  • I haven't been to sleep before 4:00am the last two nights
  • I think this stems from an addiction to Mafia Wars
  • I told my Mom goodnight and then good morning today, I never signed off Facebook 
  • Tonight I'm hoping I can make it to 8:00pm to get back on a regular schedule
  • Today at work I wore a GREY skirt, a NAVY shirt, TAN sandals, a BROWN zip up jacket, and a BLACK headband, these do not go all...
  • I some how didn't seem to notice until my third trip to the bathroom.
  • It is well over 100 degrees outside, but in here in my office it is no more than 62, once an hour I go outside and try to thaw...I'm seriously contemplating a space heater
  • These feet are from Boulder, they made me think of My Sister
  • The last post I was documenting the first time I ever ran a consecutive mile without stopping to walk
  • I have no doubt that a HUGE part of running is mental
  • Our next 5k is in less than two weeks!!
  • Jared from Subway is going to be there
  • Do you think he'll run?
  • The time was just announced for the first FOOTBALL game!! I could not be more excited! (6:00pm)
  •  Thursday we have a Grand Adventure planned, I'm hoping to be able to cross some things off The List
  • I'm to lazy to link to The List (I haven't updated it anyway, I will though soon!!)
  • Today is My Uncle Clay's Birthday
  • And Kristen and Kevin's 2nd Anniversary 
  • I'm too lazy to link to pictures but they are back there...
  • Kristen pretty much planned to have her wedding on Clay's birthday 
  • She not so secretly had plans to marry him herself, this was the best she could do :)
  • Alright that's enough random thoughts from my head for today.....