Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just some bullets.

* I successfully finished my first week of the semester! 15 more to go.

* I forgot how exhausting it is working and going to class, 17 hour days are looong! 

* I am already a little overwhelmed at the thought of missing a week of class at the end of the semester.

* But I think Hawaii will be worth it :)

* I dropped a class today and felt a little guilty about it. I really like that professor! 

* I want a new camera for Hawaii; I have it narrowed down to three (I think) 

* I spent too much of my day trying to get in to the Lilly Sale yesterday

* Then spent too much money because I was excited I was in.

* Now I’m on a spending freeze until Hawaii! 

* Which means I hid all the flash sale sites on my facebook.

* The dog hates that I’m back in school, she’s been crying a lot L

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School!

Today is my last ever First Day of School! (I think.)

21 Augusts of my life have been filled with back to school shopping (my favorite!), anticipation, and new beginnings.

It seems crazy that this may be the last time I'm walking into a classroom as student. The awkwardness of trying to figure out where to sit, not too close to the front, not too close to the back. Hoping you know someone in the class. No matter how old or young you are there is nothing that matches the feeling of the first day of school!

I don't have a special new outfit picked out, and no one is driving me to class. But you better believe I have all new school supplies! I'm so excited for this last first!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Garrett and I went to two movies last weekend, and watched two at home! I wanted a relaxing weekend and I got it the form of movies!

We saw Total Recall which was good. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen and I kept imagining what the original was like with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. :) Garrett loved it though and that's saying a lot because he's so super picky when it comes to movies.

Saturday night we saw Hope Springs, it wasn't really what I was expecting. It wasn't funny. I cried. (of course, I cry at everything) It focused on sex a lot, like the entire movie. It just wasn't my thing. The other people in the theater seemed to really like it. It just wasn't our thing. I didn't like It's Complicated and I would say this movie is similar, so if you liked that one go for it.

Sunday we watched The Faculty, which Garrett informed me was THE movie of high school (just aged myself there). I'd never heard of it and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the movie at our high school, but what do I know we spent our weekends watching Evita and Luck of the Irish

Sunday evening we watched The River Wild  It was intense and I cried. It was really good. I did have nightmares that night though. I was a little surprised that Meryl Streep had marital problems in this one too. She's been married for 34 years, for being in an industry where everyone gets divorced like it's no big deal I can only assume it's a pretty happy marriage, but she has the actress in a struggling relationship part down! The movie didn't revolve around the relationship it was just kind of a side thing.

Garrett goes to the movies for the popcorn, and he almost always has it eaten before the previews are over. I used to always wait until the movie started but I've adjusted to his ways :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

I woke up so happy this morning! and not just because it's Friday.

I have so many things to be happy about...

I love and appreciate G so much and thinking about it makes my heart happy!

I have a relationship with my younger cousins that I only dreamed I could have since we have such a large age difference between us.

We decided to get a cleaning lady a few times a month! :)

I have an awesome family, that has quirks, is  little bit crazy and doesn't always get a long but in the end we always pull together.

I have the best dog ever!

Football season is just around the corner! Boomer!

My sister is my favorite! and surprise weekend visits from her fill my love tank right up!

I'm planning a trip to HAWAII! (Is it bad that it's three months away and I've already started my packing list?)

I think this semester is going to be a good one!

And it doesn't hurt that it's the start of the weekend!