Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

I woke up so happy this morning! and not just because it's Friday.

I have so many things to be happy about...

I love and appreciate G so much and thinking about it makes my heart happy!

I have a relationship with my younger cousins that I only dreamed I could have since we have such a large age difference between us.

We decided to get a cleaning lady a few times a month! :)

I have an awesome family, that has quirks, is  little bit crazy and doesn't always get a long but in the end we always pull together.

I have the best dog ever!

Football season is just around the corner! Boomer!

My sister is my favorite! and surprise weekend visits from her fill my love tank right up!

I'm planning a trip to HAWAII! (Is it bad that it's three months away and I've already started my packing list?)

I think this semester is going to be a good one!

And it doesn't hurt that it's the start of the weekend!

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