Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm so stinking busy I can hardly see straight.

There are a million things going on a work. so.busy. (which if you know me is super surprising!)

and lots and lots of this going on at home.

I hope everyone has a super Thanksgiving! I know I'll be enjoying the time with my cousins! I promise lots of pictures next week!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have four best friends, one I see almost every day, one I talk to every day, one I haven't seen in YEARS, and one that has gets to be related to me.

It just hit me right this second that in one month I will get to see all of my besties in the same week! They will all be within driving distance of me! I don't think that has ever happened!


I'm so stinking excited!

Friday, November 20, 2009


This week over at Kelly's Korner is show us you pet, I couldn't pass this one up since my pet just happens to be one of my very favorite things!

Meet Kuddles, she was a college Graduation present.
She loves to go for walks around OU's campus!

She is really, really spoiled.
She eats whatever we are eating. Sleeps in my bed.
And is super, super cuddly!

Kuddles is not overly fond of the snow, or this sweatshrit for that matter.

She is almost always curled up on my lap (or neck, she really likes it up there!) But, every once in awhile she likes to see what it is like to be a real dog! ha!

My little Lion!

Every once in awhile she gets to come to work with me, but she really hates the Fed Ex guy!

Kuddles is a long-haired Chihuahua, she doesn't shed! People ask me what she is all the time, lots of times I get "is she some kind of squirrel" She is super, super protective of me. She weighs about 3lbs is very tiny. She doesn't always have the best manners, she barks at new people, isn't thrilled with really small children, and would just be happiest if I were the only person in her life.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


This guy kinda reminded me of a cartoon!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the mouth of Babes

O and C spent a night this weekend, and it never fails that an interesting conversation or two occurs.

O: (picking up a ring I have) Oh Ashlee! Are you finally going to get married!?!

A:Uh...nope that's just a regular old ring.

O:Oh well when ARE you going to get married

A:I don't know, I guess when I find someone who's worth marrying.

O: I know the perfect one! His name is Sam, he's going to be sooooo handsome when he grows up.

A: Oh ya? How old is Sam?

O: Six

A: *trying desperately to hold in a laugh*

O: (noticing the staunched laugh) Maybe he's seven!!

Oh my, I think maybe she is NOT the matchmaker for me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Blake, I can't believe how much you've grown up!
You used to be my little buddy! (that let me carry you around until you were WAY too old)
You always knew I'd give you cookies even if everyone else said no.
You always remembered me when I came back from Florida.
You were my favorite! (shh!)

Now you are practically a grown up!
And one of the coolest kids I know!
Happy 14th Birthday Blakey!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Homecoming this year was on Halloween. Kansas State v. Oklahoma, it was the meeting of Bob Stoops and Bill Snyder. Coach Snyder must be so proud of all of his former assistant coaches. It was a pretty intense game. I for one know I lost my voice mostly yelling at the stinking refs. Fun was had by all! Enjoy the pictures.

Teacher - Students
he must be so proud!

Football team!
Love them, even when they lose.

Drum Major - not bad!

#13 can jump!

Rita, this reminded me of you!

Love OUr coach!

Full Moon and the fans!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

not so invisible

I seem to have lost my invisibility cape.

This morning I was driving to work, going a little too fast.

As soon as I saw the cop I knew I was going to get pulled over.

In my defense the road goes from 50 to 45 and I got pulled over right after the change. But, I was still going too fast. He clocked me at 60, I can't help but wonder if that was before or after I tapped on the breaks.

I've only been pulled over one other time, and that is a good story. This time was nothing like that other one. I wasn't sure where I should pull over. I picked the Bank of Oklahoma parking lot.

Before he even got to my car I was looking for my license.

Willing myself not to cry.

He got there and I still hadn't found it. He said do you have anything with your name and birth date. I didn't but, told him I was pretty sure that my DL was in the trunk.

Can he even let me look in the trunk? That seems dangerous. You know, not that I'm dangerous. But, some people are. He said it was fine.

Took my expired insurance card and went back to his car. I hollered after him, it's a Florida Driver's License.

I kept looking just to see if he could find it.

When he came back he told me that the State of Florida says I don't have a license. I still didn't break down. But, it was there I was on the cusp. I could feel it coming.

He let me look in my trunk. Where all of my clothes from this past week were. Thank goodness I practically live out of my car. But, it still wasn't there. He said you keep looking. I'll go back and run it some more. "I can't let you go without confirming who you are, you understand right?" He said. Of course, I understood, I could be some crazy criminal.

I'm not.

I've only been pulled over once twice.

Still no tears.

It wasn't in my trunk. I went back to the car to look some more. And, I found it. It was in my door. I don't know why, or when I put it there. I never use it. Ever.

I took it to him, in his car. Am I allowed to walk up to his car?

Guess so.

He said thanks he'd be right with me. I sat in my car trying to think of why Florida said I didn't have a driver's license. What if something happened and I didn't know about it. I was worried. I just knew I was going to jail. For driving illegally.

Still no tears.

When he came to my car, he explained. Florida has me in the system wrong. He searched for Ashlee LastName and couldn't find me. Because Florida has me listed as Ashlee LastName MiddleName, he assured me this isn't a problem. I just need to tell the next cop that pulls me over to look it up that way if I don't have my license on me.

I don't get pulled over. (I didn't tell him that)

He gave me a ticket for going 5 over instead of 15, I told him thank you. It seemed appropriate.

Still no tears.

He let me go and I didn't go to jail. I do have a driver's license. I am allowed to drive. He never said anything about my expired insurance card. I think I'll put the right one in my car this afternoon.

Maybe I should go back to crying? I can't help but wonder if I would have gotten a warning if it wasn't such a production finding out I am who I say I am? Or maybe that helped me?

How much does it cost for going 5 over?