Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the mouth of Babes

O and C spent a night this weekend, and it never fails that an interesting conversation or two occurs.

O: (picking up a ring I have) Oh Ashlee! Are you finally going to get married!?!

A:Uh...nope that's just a regular old ring.

O:Oh well when ARE you going to get married

A:I don't know, I guess when I find someone who's worth marrying.

O: I know the perfect one! His name is Sam, he's going to be sooooo handsome when he grows up.

A: Oh ya? How old is Sam?

O: Six

A: *trying desperately to hold in a laugh*

O: (noticing the staunched laugh) Maybe he's seven!!

Oh my, I think maybe she is NOT the matchmaker for me.

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christie said...

haha, what a cutie :)