Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap.

I have been so crazy busy lately that this weekend was much anticipated, I had plans to spend much of it doing nothing. I have lots and lots of pictures from the past few weekends but this weekend I did not take one single one. And I for one am okay with's what I did in words...

Friday Night - Garrett came over and felt the need to fall stuff. So, much to my horror we went through everything I own and got rid of a ton of stuff. I'm talking 6 garbage bags full of things to donate. According to him there was much more to purge but I think that was a good start! My Mom used to have a mantra she made me chant "Trash Cans Are Our Friends". I personally hate trash cans, I could be a hoarder. I love my things. But, with all the moving in college made me do I've actually become quite good at getting rid of stuff, well good for me. I also have this small problem called when I get rid of things I say things like well I'll just have to go shopping to get some more ____ fill in the blank with whatever I just put in the donate pile. I don't think it's supposed to work that way. Anyway, we cleaned our little hearts out until very late, and were more than ready to sleep.

Saturday - On the way to Norman to run some errands and eat lunch at my newest very favorite restaurant before the football game, we passed The Fair. And Garrett decided we should go! His spontaneity floored me, I hadn't even asked to go the fair because I was pretty sure he would say something about all the icky people that come to waste their money at the fair. I was all up for the idea because HELLO fair food get in mah belly!!!! Let me tell you the Fried Green Tomatoes were worth all the scary redneck people and the man who shoved me out of his way (even though HE was the one walking on the wrong side of the lane) I love, love, love fried green tomatoes (why aren't there ever any in the store? I would make them at home and eat them every day myself if I could find them!) We also ate some...are you ready for this....Chocolate Covered Bacon....did you read that. Oh my AH-MAZE-ING the amount we got for the price was kind of a ripoff but ya'll I could eat that after my FGTs of course. We had the Corn Dog and the Roasted Corn of course and some fresh squeezed lemonade that was a total disappointment, and an indian taco that wasn't anything great. I've already made my list of what I'll be filling my belly with next year. 

Dear Fair, 
I love you. I cannot wait to see you again. Can we please get married? But, maybe it could be just you and me and not all the crazy people wearing no clothes, they scare me. And maybe also could you leave the animals at home, they smell icky. 
Love Always and Forever (as long as you have Fried Green Tomatoes and Chocolate Covered Bacon),

Sunday - I was supposed to drive to Dallas on Sunday and I was dreading it because it was going to be the fifth weekend in a row I spent six-plus hours in the car and I just wanted to do nothing. So, I changed some things around and I made it so I could just do nothing! And it was GLORIOUS!!!! I did go to lunch at my favorite new restaurant that I didn't make it to on Saturday. Iron Star Urban BBQ, if you are in Norman or OKC go there now. Seriously right this second. It is sooooo good. It's one of those places where you want to try everything because everything that you have put in your mouth from there has been so absolutely amazingly good, but you also don't want to miss out on your favorite thing that you had the first time you went there. I have learned to conquer problem by taking different people with you and then trying whatever they order. Other than it was football and lots and lots of napping. The best kind of days!

Things are going to continue being crazy around here for the rest of the year so I'll take lazy weekend days whenever I can get them!

Happy Scott's Birthday!!!

Have an awesome week!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm headed out of town...

To spend the next few days taking care of some of my favorite people...

I have so many fun things planned for us to do!!

I'm sure I'll get a bunch more super cute pictures!

It's gonna be like one big slumber party!!

Maybe we'll even convince this big brother that's normally way too busy to hang out and pose for pictures to hang out with us!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

No work, All's Labor Day!!!

Saturday was the first football game of the season!!!

In anticipation of not wanting to drag my camera into the student section, I made the boy take a picture before we left.

And I took another in the car...I was soooo excited that we decided to go to the game at the last second, nothing beats watching my Sooners in person!!!

The game left a lot to be desired...but none the less I am excited that the wait for football season to start has finally come to an end!!!

We got another one at the game before the Iphone died...

Sunday we were up bright and early (for us) to head to Dallas!!!!

We had to stop and get some gas on the way down...and the gas station had an A&W restaurant and Garrett surprised me and got some mini corn dogs....that boy knows the way to my heart!

One of the main reasons for our trip south was to eat at the pizza place Vapiano's

Garrett has talked this place up for MONTHS...

and a three day weekend seemed like the perfect time to drive three hours for a pizza

Vapiano's is downtown and the decor is really modern and fun...

Let me tell you the Pizza did NOT disappoint, we ate one...and then got another yummy!

Vapiano's makes their own pasta, I didn't try any but Garrett said he wasn't over impressed with it. Every other person in the restaurant was eating pasta (so it can't be that bad) I'll let you know some day when I'm can get a bite of someone else's because my heart belongs to the pizza!!!

No trip to Dallas would be complete without....

some time with my favorite little people.

After a few pictures we headed back to the better side of the Red River!

To spend Labor Day doing absolutely no laboring, and that was wonderful!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do you think we'll get an elephant?

This is our Grammy, she's a pretty awesome Grammy. She has season tickets to the OU football games, and she shares them! She makes the best baked beans, she cleans up after me when I go on some crazy baking spree that doesn't end until the wee hours of the morning and I'm just too sleepy to clean. She makes us pallets on the floor, and let's us listen to Betrix Potter while we fall asleep.

In a few short hours our Grammy is getting on a airplane and flying to Africa!! For an entire month. She'll be training teachers and teaching students at a school down there.

Olivia has requested that our Grammy bring us back an elephant same as what I wanted!! (Liv tells mostly anyone that will listen that elephants are my favorite, so I have no doubt she's planning to share the elephant with me). Obviously elephants don't fit in suitcases, and O had some suggestions to help Grammy get our new little pet home safely, either put her in the airplane or put her on a boat. We will be wanting a small baby elephant so that it can fit easier on the travel home, and we can train it from the time it's small! (I'll let you know how it turns out for us!)

Please keep our Grammy in your thoughts, as she travels on her long journey to Africa. We hope that she will be very safe as the country is a little bit of a scary one, and also that she has the most amazing time soaking in the Africaness and enriching the lives of those she is there to help!