Thursday, September 9, 2010

No work, All's Labor Day!!!

Saturday was the first football game of the season!!!

In anticipation of not wanting to drag my camera into the student section, I made the boy take a picture before we left.

And I took another in the car...I was soooo excited that we decided to go to the game at the last second, nothing beats watching my Sooners in person!!!

The game left a lot to be desired...but none the less I am excited that the wait for football season to start has finally come to an end!!!

We got another one at the game before the Iphone died...

Sunday we were up bright and early (for us) to head to Dallas!!!!

We had to stop and get some gas on the way down...and the gas station had an A&W restaurant and Garrett surprised me and got some mini corn dogs....that boy knows the way to my heart!

One of the main reasons for our trip south was to eat at the pizza place Vapiano's

Garrett has talked this place up for MONTHS...

and a three day weekend seemed like the perfect time to drive three hours for a pizza

Vapiano's is downtown and the decor is really modern and fun...

Let me tell you the Pizza did NOT disappoint, we ate one...and then got another yummy!

Vapiano's makes their own pasta, I didn't try any but Garrett said he wasn't over impressed with it. Every other person in the restaurant was eating pasta (so it can't be that bad) I'll let you know some day when I'm can get a bite of someone else's because my heart belongs to the pizza!!!

No trip to Dallas would be complete without....

some time with my favorite little people.

After a few pictures we headed back to the better side of the Red River!

To spend Labor Day doing absolutely no laboring, and that was wonderful!


christie said...

what a good long weekend! you guys look happy and great :)

there are vapianos here, too... the pasta is also great stuff, so try that some time! the ones here look exactly the same as in your pics, modern with menu items written in chalk, a salad, pizza, soup, pasta bar. good stuff! glad it didn't disappoint.

those little people are getting pretty big, btw.

Ashlee said...

vapianos in hungary????


they are getting big! and cuter by the second, if I do say so myself!