Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Road to Omaha - day 1

At the beginning of baseball season Garrett told me that if the Sooners made it to the College World Series we would go. So, I followed the boys all season in the hopes of getting to go on a Road Trip to watch some Sooner Sports (two of my very favorite things!!) After beating Virginia the number 1 team in the country, the Sooners (and Garrett and me) were headed to Omaha!!!

The drive to Nebraska (we actually stayed in Lincoln and only went that far the first day) was not so bad. It only took about 5.5 hours the perfect amount of time for me to get out all the stories I had saved up to tell Garrett. Don't worry he loves listening to me talk!

We stopped in a place called Newton and it smelled like poop. Literally like poop. I don't know how any one can live there. I sprayed gas all over myself at the pump and it was actually kind of refreshing to have to smell that.

The majority of the driving was through Kansas which is so flat it's crazy! (I almost said flat as a pancake but really a pancake is usually fluffy and Kansas is just flat!!)

I left Garrett in charge of car snacks...he brought tomatoes...but they were from the farmers market so good job G!

Garrett's new car has a free XM radio subscription for a few months, and my voice was getting tired so I decided to look for something to listen to. I found the CWS!!! Look how it puts the score on the screen! When I wanted to talk we could mute it and still see the score! So, fun!!

When we finally made it to Lincoln we asked for a restaurant recommendation and ended up at Misty's. It was a nice atmosphere with lots of Big XII (guess they be changing that soon). It wasn't the best food I've ever had, and it was pretty expensive....

But, they gave us a TON of food...we started with the crab cakes (no picture) that were so yummy!! Garrett ordered the burger, that was huge and got a ton of sweet potato fries...

I ordered the ribs and got TWO full racks!! I've never seen so many ribs, we took so much food back to the hotel room it was crazy!!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel, put our dreams of working out in the gym to bed and then we quickly followed...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Garrett and I went to Nebraska last weekend for the College World Series. And until I get the pictures ready for some more exciting posts I thought I'd throw up a few things I learned while I was gone.

  • Nebraska is NOT flat - it's kinda pretty
  • Iowa is also NOT flat - from what we saw was really, really pretty
  • Kansas is very, very flat
  • I harbor very intense feelings of betrayal for each and every Nebraska fan
  • South Carolina fans are not nice
  • Neither are Arizona State fans
  • I'm pretty sure there is nothing scarier than driving through the mid-west during tornado season, especially if you have no idea what county you are in
  • 9 hour Rain delays aren't so bad when you're with someone super fun
  • Baseball makes the wait for football way more bearable
  • Doing math equations while driving in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere always help me stay awake
  • Even though you may think that Nebraska is super far North, it will not be cold there in June
Pictures and fun stories coming soon!

Countdown to next road trip 10 more sleeps!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


In honor of the first day of summer...

And the fact that I'm like six months behind in my blogging.....

I thought I'd post some pictures from on of our many, many, many ice storms this winter. so we can be thankful for the hot...

Garrett and I went on an "Adventure" and walked to the movie theater, only it took us longer than we thought it was going to so we ended up eating at Outback too.

It was freezing cold, and at some points the snow was up to our knees. It was such a work out trudging through that stuff. And on the way home I convinced him to call a taxi because I didn't think I could make it.

But, as always it was a super fun adventure!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adventures in Baseball

A few weeks ago Garrett got a great idea...he called me and said let's drive up to Tulsa to watch the baseball team play!

Always up for an adventure I said sure lets do it! He got off work early and we headed up.

He slept the w-h-o-l-e way I took his picture...

After dinner and going to the wrong baseball field we finally made it to the right place.

I was pretty excited to see my favorite Baseball player...

Seriously his name is BUSHYHEAD...tell me that isn't amazing...

Only to see signs up that the game was SOLD OUT...really baseball sold out?! not amazing...

So after walking around in disbelief we resigned to watch the game outside the gate...

Did we really just drive an hour and half to stand OUTSIDE the stadium?!?

(I can't believe I just put that terrible picture on the internet...)

So while we were standing out there Garrett made the perfect observation.

"People are treating us like homeless people, they look at us and then they look away really quick hoping we don't notice"

It was pretty sad.

Until this man came out of the park and asked us if we wanted some tickets...FOR FREE!!!

So the drive wasn't a complete waste!

We watched some baseball...

And ate some baseball park food!

I love pretzels especially at a baseball game!!

Ah inside at last!

Remember how Garrett and I take horrible pictures together...

As you read this we are on our way to another baseball adventure. We are on our way to Omaha, for the College World Series!!!


*don't worry we got our tickets ahead of time...

Friday, June 18, 2010

The second 5k

Blake, Garrett, and I ran our second 5k together.

When we got to the starting line I wanted to leave.

I believe my exact words were

"I can't run in this race, these are real runners!!"

The boys told me I would be fine.

And I figured someone had to be last (thankfully it wasn't me!!)

It was hot!

And that might be an understatement.

Garrett won first place (in his age group)!

The trophy was not nearly as cool as the medal he got and I didn't show you from the last race.

But, still I was so proud of him!!!

He was proud because only one girl beat him...

Our next race is going to be in July.
We're heading down to Texas to run one down there.
I'm already excited!!
Turns out I kind of like this running thing!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I went to Florida last month.

It was kind of a secret.

I really didn't want to have to do anything.

Except for walk on the beach

trying to catch one of those silly little birds

And try to see a sun set (I did not succeed in seeing a real one)

And of course eat some Sweet Berries!!

I looked for seashells, and didn't find one that was worth the trip back to land locked life

I spent time with two of my favorite Floridian's!

(Scott's not really a Floridian but we can pretend)

I just love this sister!
She did lots and lots of shopping with me.
She's my personal shopper!

While we ate breakfast on the beach,
Roger let me take lots of pictures of him.
Because he wanted my food!

I also saw Nathan, and Preston....
but my mom is holding those pictures hostage

I sure do love Florida

We went to a Rays game while I was there.
And met Natalie's new boyfriend
(wonder at what point I have to stop calling him new?!)

I saw this alligator when I was leaving the stadium.
I took his picture to try and help those who don't live in Florida understand,
sometimes you see an alligator in the wild,
while you are walking down the street.

Oh Bradenton how I love thee! Thanks for always being there when I'm ready for a visit!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010.

I've been dreading this day for awhile.

In fact I've been constructing this post in my head for a really, really long time.

You see yesterday was my half birthday.

Do you celebrate half birthdays? I do.

I have grand plans for some day when I have a child, s/he will have AWESOME half birthdays.

My mom cracks up when someone asks me how old I am and I respond "twenty-four and a half"

I actually don't do that any more, but I did at least through 25.

I do frequently respond with 8 years, 6 months, and 4 days when someone asks me how much older I am than Natalie. (With Nathan it's 10 years 22 days, if you were wondering.)

Anyway, back to June 15, 2010.

Today marks the day that I am closer to 30 than I am to 25.

When I envisioned this day 6 months ago I was pretty sure I was going to take the day off and wallow in my own self pity. Turning 27 was hard for me. Really, really hard. And closer to 30 than 25 that just sounded awful.

There are so many things I thought I would be by this point in my life, and it was hard to know that I wasn't any closer to being those things.

Dear real life friends that read my blog, most of you are older than me (by a couple of days) I bet you didn't even know that you had hit this point in the last month or so did you....

I know I'm a little bit crazy...

Anyway, today is here and guess what?!!?

I don't even care that I am closer to 30 than I am to 25. I have some really great goals set in place (both short and long term) to get me to 30. My new goals don't even require another participating party! :)

They are all about me!

And, I'm so excited about the direction everything is heading.

So, all of those sad posts about being old that I was writing in my head...I have deleted those! I don't even remember what they were going to say!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There isn't much I hate more in life than having to get gas.
I realize it isn't difficult. I know it doesn't really take that long.
But, I just hate it.

I frequently test the limits of my car.
Do you know when your car gets to 0 miles to empty it doesn't die?

I do.
I also know that you can get at least 7 miles after it says 0 miles.
Stupid, lying car!
I have never (knock on some wood) run out of gas.

I have to fill up about once a week
(and hello that's after I let it get to single digits)
I drive way too much.

Last night when I stopped for gas,
I saw this on the pump across from me....


I'm sure that this person let their car get to 0 miles to empty (and believed it), couldn't find their debit card, dug around in their car and could only find 36 cents just so they could get home.
But, I would just die! Poor thing is going to have to get gas again today.
Recently I saw this beauty on my way home from work...


That truck will come to YOU!
It is full of gas, and it will give your car that gas!!!
I almost got in a wreck I was so excited!
I may or may not have honked and waved at that truck.
I loved it!

(I do realize that they probably won't come fill up my one car while I'm at work)

But, a girl can dream.

Seriously, if you want to know the way to my heart, it goes something like this....get my car and go put gas in it (you can even use my money)!!
bonus points if you clean it out...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


After football is over,

we have basketball to entertain us,

After March Madness has ended,

We head out to the baseball field to get a college football fix!