Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I went to Florida last month.

It was kind of a secret.

I really didn't want to have to do anything.

Except for walk on the beach

trying to catch one of those silly little birds

And try to see a sun set (I did not succeed in seeing a real one)

And of course eat some Sweet Berries!!

I looked for seashells, and didn't find one that was worth the trip back to land locked life

I spent time with two of my favorite Floridian's!

(Scott's not really a Floridian but we can pretend)

I just love this sister!
She did lots and lots of shopping with me.
She's my personal shopper!

While we ate breakfast on the beach,
Roger let me take lots of pictures of him.
Because he wanted my food!

I also saw Nathan, and Preston....
but my mom is holding those pictures hostage

I sure do love Florida

We went to a Rays game while I was there.
And met Natalie's new boyfriend
(wonder at what point I have to stop calling him new?!)

I saw this alligator when I was leaving the stadium.
I took his picture to try and help those who don't live in Florida understand,
sometimes you see an alligator in the wild,
while you are walking down the street.

Oh Bradenton how I love thee! Thanks for always being there when I'm ready for a visit!

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