Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Road to Omaha - day 1

At the beginning of baseball season Garrett told me that if the Sooners made it to the College World Series we would go. So, I followed the boys all season in the hopes of getting to go on a Road Trip to watch some Sooner Sports (two of my very favorite things!!) After beating Virginia the number 1 team in the country, the Sooners (and Garrett and me) were headed to Omaha!!!

The drive to Nebraska (we actually stayed in Lincoln and only went that far the first day) was not so bad. It only took about 5.5 hours the perfect amount of time for me to get out all the stories I had saved up to tell Garrett. Don't worry he loves listening to me talk!

We stopped in a place called Newton and it smelled like poop. Literally like poop. I don't know how any one can live there. I sprayed gas all over myself at the pump and it was actually kind of refreshing to have to smell that.

The majority of the driving was through Kansas which is so flat it's crazy! (I almost said flat as a pancake but really a pancake is usually fluffy and Kansas is just flat!!)

I left Garrett in charge of car snacks...he brought tomatoes...but they were from the farmers market so good job G!

Garrett's new car has a free XM radio subscription for a few months, and my voice was getting tired so I decided to look for something to listen to. I found the CWS!!! Look how it puts the score on the screen! When I wanted to talk we could mute it and still see the score! So, fun!!

When we finally made it to Lincoln we asked for a restaurant recommendation and ended up at Misty's. It was a nice atmosphere with lots of Big XII (guess they be changing that soon). It wasn't the best food I've ever had, and it was pretty expensive....

But, they gave us a TON of food...we started with the crab cakes (no picture) that were so yummy!! Garrett ordered the burger, that was huge and got a ton of sweet potato fries...

I ordered the ribs and got TWO full racks!! I've never seen so many ribs, we took so much food back to the hotel room it was crazy!!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel, put our dreams of working out in the gym to bed and then we quickly followed...

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