Tuesday, June 8, 2010


There isn't much I hate more in life than having to get gas.
I realize it isn't difficult. I know it doesn't really take that long.
But, I just hate it.

I frequently test the limits of my car.
Do you know when your car gets to 0 miles to empty it doesn't die?

I do.
I also know that you can get at least 7 miles after it says 0 miles.
Stupid, lying car!
I have never (knock on some wood) run out of gas.

I have to fill up about once a week
(and hello that's after I let it get to single digits)
I drive way too much.

Last night when I stopped for gas,
I saw this on the pump across from me....


I'm sure that this person let their car get to 0 miles to empty (and believed it), couldn't find their debit card, dug around in their car and could only find 36 cents just so they could get home.
But, I would just die! Poor thing is going to have to get gas again today.
Recently I saw this beauty on my way home from work...


That truck will come to YOU!
It is full of gas, and it will give your car that gas!!!
I almost got in a wreck I was so excited!
I may or may not have honked and waved at that truck.
I loved it!

(I do realize that they probably won't come fill up my one car while I'm at work)

But, a girl can dream.

Seriously, if you want to know the way to my heart, it goes something like this....get my car and go put gas in it (you can even use my money)!!
bonus points if you clean it out...

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Becky said...

ha..ha..I've NEVER seen anyone buy that little of an amount of gas! That is terrible...awe!