Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Garrett and I went to Nebraska last weekend for the College World Series. And until I get the pictures ready for some more exciting posts I thought I'd throw up a few things I learned while I was gone.

  • Nebraska is NOT flat - it's kinda pretty
  • Iowa is also NOT flat - from what we saw was really, really pretty
  • Kansas is very, very flat
  • I harbor very intense feelings of betrayal for each and every Nebraska fan
  • South Carolina fans are not nice
  • Neither are Arizona State fans
  • I'm pretty sure there is nothing scarier than driving through the mid-west during tornado season, especially if you have no idea what county you are in
  • 9 hour Rain delays aren't so bad when you're with someone super fun
  • Baseball makes the wait for football way more bearable
  • Doing math equations while driving in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere always help me stay awake
  • Even though you may think that Nebraska is super far North, it will not be cold there in June
Pictures and fun stories coming soon!

Countdown to next road trip 10 more sleeps!!!!!!

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