Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010.

I've been dreading this day for awhile.

In fact I've been constructing this post in my head for a really, really long time.

You see yesterday was my half birthday.

Do you celebrate half birthdays? I do.

I have grand plans for some day when I have a child, s/he will have AWESOME half birthdays.

My mom cracks up when someone asks me how old I am and I respond "twenty-four and a half"

I actually don't do that any more, but I did at least through 25.

I do frequently respond with 8 years, 6 months, and 4 days when someone asks me how much older I am than Natalie. (With Nathan it's 10 years 22 days, if you were wondering.)

Anyway, back to June 15, 2010.

Today marks the day that I am closer to 30 than I am to 25.

When I envisioned this day 6 months ago I was pretty sure I was going to take the day off and wallow in my own self pity. Turning 27 was hard for me. Really, really hard. And closer to 30 than 25 that just sounded awful.

There are so many things I thought I would be by this point in my life, and it was hard to know that I wasn't any closer to being those things.

Dear real life friends that read my blog, most of you are older than me (by a couple of days) I bet you didn't even know that you had hit this point in the last month or so did you....

I know I'm a little bit crazy...

Anyway, today is here and guess what?!!?

I don't even care that I am closer to 30 than I am to 25. I have some really great goals set in place (both short and long term) to get me to 30. My new goals don't even require another participating party! :)

They are all about me!

And, I'm so excited about the direction everything is heading.

So, all of those sad posts about being old that I was writing in my head...I have deleted those! I don't even remember what they were going to say!


christie said...

yay!! i'm glad you didn't let it bother you... can't stop time/aging so might as well embrace it.

it's GREAT to have goals. if you didn't have one you could spend your whole life running up and down a field and never score! ;)

Rita said...

you're right! i DIDN'T know i was closer to 30 than i am to 25. i'm glad we're doing this whole aging thing together because it makes the journey much less depressing.

your blog is enlightening.