Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just some bullets.

* I successfully finished my first week of the semester! 15 more to go.

* I forgot how exhausting it is working and going to class, 17 hour days are looong! 

* I am already a little overwhelmed at the thought of missing a week of class at the end of the semester.

* But I think Hawaii will be worth it :)

* I dropped a class today and felt a little guilty about it. I really like that professor! 

* I want a new camera for Hawaii; I have it narrowed down to three (I think) 

* I spent too much of my day trying to get in to the Lilly Sale yesterday

* Then spent too much money because I was excited I was in.

* Now I’m on a spending freeze until Hawaii! 

* Which means I hid all the flash sale sites on my facebook.

* The dog hates that I’m back in school, she’s been crying a lot L

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Love that you got a bunch at the LIlly sale! You have to share what you got :)