Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Yesterday we had some drama in our lives. Nothing too bad, just the kind that makes people leave work/be really extra late for work. The kind that causes tension. The kind of drama that when everything is resolved it's laughable and you are kind of happy that your work day was shortened by two hours.

However, in the midst of that drama you're annoyed and don't want to be nice to each other. Because some one is wrong and you are CERTAIN that someone is NOT you.

When our drama was concluded yesterday (or when the missing item was located) Garrett looked at me and said "You look really pretty"

I try to take compliments (it's annoying when people say "no, blah, blah, whatever") But, I couldn't help myself this time. I said "are you just saying that were so blatantly wrong?"

He said "No, you look really good, I really like that outfit you kind of look professional, a cute little professional"

"Haha okay, Thanks"

Then he had this little gem "You look like a cute little office bunny"

Ya'll I checked real quick and I have a regular crew neck shirt on there is no cleavage so I know he wasn't talking about that kind of bunny.

So, I assume he was liking me to this....

and I think I'm okay with that.

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