Monday, August 2, 2010

A bullet post kind of day....

  • I haven't been to sleep before 4:00am the last two nights
  • I think this stems from an addiction to Mafia Wars
  • I told my Mom goodnight and then good morning today, I never signed off Facebook 
  • Tonight I'm hoping I can make it to 8:00pm to get back on a regular schedule
  • Today at work I wore a GREY skirt, a NAVY shirt, TAN sandals, a BROWN zip up jacket, and a BLACK headband, these do not go all...
  • I some how didn't seem to notice until my third trip to the bathroom.
  • It is well over 100 degrees outside, but in here in my office it is no more than 62, once an hour I go outside and try to thaw...I'm seriously contemplating a space heater
  • These feet are from Boulder, they made me think of My Sister
  • The last post I was documenting the first time I ever ran a consecutive mile without stopping to walk
  • I have no doubt that a HUGE part of running is mental
  • Our next 5k is in less than two weeks!!
  • Jared from Subway is going to be there
  • Do you think he'll run?
  • The time was just announced for the first FOOTBALL game!! I could not be more excited! (6:00pm)
  •  Thursday we have a Grand Adventure planned, I'm hoping to be able to cross some things off The List
  • I'm to lazy to link to The List (I haven't updated it anyway, I will though soon!!)
  • Today is My Uncle Clay's Birthday
  • And Kristen and Kevin's 2nd Anniversary 
  • I'm too lazy to link to pictures but they are back there...
  • Kristen pretty much planned to have her wedding on Clay's birthday 
  • She not so secretly had plans to marry him herself, this was the best she could do :)
  • Alright that's enough random thoughts from my head for today.....


christie said...

who are you and when's ashlee's funeral?

Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?