Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sooner Football!

This weekend was the first football game of the season. Football is my most favorite thing, I love everything about it. But, being at the games is the best in the whole world, nothing quite compares. I like watching all college football but for obvious reasons I am most of fond of OU. Here are some pictures of this interesting season opener.
Kuddles was all dressed and ready to come along.
I think I might try to sneak her into a colder game, she would love it!

I love this picture I think I might frame it!

Walking into the locker room after warming up.

The Pride of Oklahoma making an OU, it's their best trick!

Getting ready to run onto the field, I'm fond of the guys laying on the field to get a good picture!

This is where the fun starts, because of lightning we had to go underneath the stadium with 84,744 of our favorite football watchers. It was reported that there were 10,000 lightning strikes in 10 minutes near the stadium, since it's less than a mile away from the National Weather Service I believe them!

We found a cave, this is me sitting waiting for the weather to pass, hoping no one discovers my hiding space where I can sit.

Jeffrey was supposed to stand and guard the entrance so I wouldn't get trampled.

The final score. (Love the new score board) OU scored on it's first 7 possessions. Then took things easy as to not run up the score on Chattanooga, who so grateful came to play against after Miami bailed on us (guess they were too scared).

Final stats. Not too shabby!


the crumb said...

thanks for the pictures. its like i was there with you. man, im jealous of your picture posting ability. luckkkky. why were there people in football costumes on the field? i dont get it but it does look cool. very football-y.

the ou was the coolest one. :)

Giant Sis said...

don't you LOVE football season? we just got directv installed today because scott decided he wanted the nfl sunday ticket to watch the bucs games. PLUS - now you can watch 8 games on 1 screen!!!!! it'll be like our very own sports bar on sundays!