Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday I had a mission, to buy new running shoes. I'm not much of a runner, but someday I will be. It's my goal you know, to enjoy running. I'm far from there, but obviously new shoes are needed to complete my goal. So, I found a pair that I loved right across the street from work, but one of them was slipping a little on my heel. So, I asked if I could bring them back if after I wear them around the house they are in fact too big. She said sure no problem and I went to go check out. The check-out girl looked to make sure they were the same size, and they were not (hints the sliding) they didn't have another size 8 so I had to leave without new shoes so sad! But, there was another of the same store closer to my house so I figured I'd check them out and see if they had my beloved shoes, they didn't. I went home went online and tracked them down. I drove 30 minutes (please note that I left work a little after 4:00 and did not return the final time until 7:45, this was almost a 4hr hunt for shoes) to pick them up...and here they are in all their glory. My new shoes, they're gonna make me a runner!

They aren't the best pictures...but I was gonna be late for work this morning and my camera battery died!


the crumb said...

haha! it's funny that you put pics of them. so, did you watch your show or are you gonna watch it online?

riddle me that said...

I have not watched house....but i watched the 2nd half of biggest loser! and i'll be trying out my new shoes tonight because my plans are no more.

Marlena Leilani said...

yay those shoes are hot! i love them! it has been my goal to be a runner one day as well ... to actually enjoy it. however i don't think that day will ever come :) oh well!