Tuesday, October 28, 2008

no id, no movie.

So, last night I went to the movies with my friend. I had on no makeup and my hair was in a pony tail. I didn't look bad, but I wasn't trying to impress anyone either. So, we picked a movie and he went to buy the tickets. I was basking in the heaters they have (it made me feel like I was in Florida.) I walked up and the ticket man said "I don't think they'll let you in without your ID." It was the really strict guy that always makes us show both of our student ids to get the discount. So, I just kind of stared blankly at him, really? It's been several years since I was IDed for an R rated movie. He said yesterday they weren't letting people that were too young in to see it. WHAT? I couldn't even form a complete thought. Do I look like I'm 16 years old? Do I? Friend was like come on, it's okay, no big deal. But, of course I didn't have my driver's license because I move it for football games and forgot to put it back where it belongs. He said come on let's go in and see what happens. So, we walk up to the ticket-taker lady and I said, I don't have my ID I want to see Saw and I'm almost 26 years old. She said "no way" "I really am". I said he has his ID and actually I'm 9 days older than him, meanwhile he is reciting our date of births to the nice lady. She said I have to see this I don't believe it. Friend handed over his ID and she studied it, like people do when I buy alcohol and they think it for sure must be fake. Next step call people over and say how old do you think they are, oh how I love that game. I win every time. Of course the best comment was "well I can see it with him but for her no way" People to not get into an R rated movie I'd have to be 16, don't we think there is a bigger problem than trying to see this movie if I'm at the movies with some 26 year old guy? Then comes the you're so luckys, someday I'm sure it will make me feel lucky. They did let us both in the movie.

Also, said friend ripped his pants and was trying to hide it. I had to go to the car and get him different ones, so I was walking around with pants (not showing my ticket stub because everyone knows me now.) and he lost his phone the night before at the movies and we were searching the theater for that. We were at the movie over an hour early and were sitting talking in the lobby (that's normal for us, we don't check movie times, we just show up and see whatever fits) Needless to say after last nights adventures I think we might have to find another theater....


the crumb said...

hahaha, that's remarkable. who IS oklahoma, i ask you!

if you take this out of context it's a little amusing: I want to see Saw and I'm almost 26 years old.

how did he rip his pants?

was saw good?

riddle me that said...

I have no idea who Oklahoma is. I do know this...people here must look old!

you're right it is amusing. and it makes me feel old.

i'm not really sure how he ripped his pants. he keeps telling me he's getting fat...guess he is?? but it was a little rip right on his but that kept getting bigger and bigger.

saw was good, and scary! i haven't seen them all, i think only 2 and 3 so we are gonna rent the others and watch them all in a row (though i may have made the following snide comment, where in your car?).

i talked to him this morning he said i was mean yesterday, now i feel bad, and his phone is lost and i can't even tell him i'm sorry....