Wednesday, October 29, 2008

planes and rain.

In case you didn't know I love a good conspiracy theory probably way more than the next girl. I think it is so much fun to listen to someone talk with passion about something most people wouldn't even acknowledge. The flat-earthers are probably my favorite to reference because that was my first true experience with it. There are people who still believe the earth is flat, they are out there, trying to prove it. AMAZING! I had a professor in college that is very much consumed with the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of JFK. I couldn't get enough of his lectures, which is I'm sure how I ended up majoring in sociology. The thing is some of these things are true, they just aren't wildly believed by the public. Years ago I began researching how global-warming was not man-made, and now there are so many people that agree with me. So, recently I've started looking into something new. Someone suggested to me that humans have destroyed natures ability to make it rain on its own. I believe that about as much as the earth being flat. But, if someone believes that there must be more to it. Today I'm researching if we are capable of making rain clouds, and if it we are what the government would use this ability for. Amazingly, I have discovered that not only are humans capable of making it rain but we do it! I have not been able to find anything that supports we can make clouds but this video may help to shed some light on why this may be possible. And if nothing else I am amazed to know that the Chinese government "seeded" (made it rain) the clouds in order to try and ensure there would be no rain during the Olympics.


the crumb said...

researching addict.

i can't help but think "don't believe everything you read" but there's no saying about videos on the internet, is there?


riddle me that said...

i don't believe everything i read or everything i see. but i do love researching outlandish ideas. i just really like to research i guess. i try to get natalie and nate to let me write research papers for me...they don't ever! meanies!