Thursday, October 23, 2008

miss me?

-go buy this weeks sports illustrated, Kim (my bff in america) has a two page photo spread! too exciting!

-gas at my station is $2.13

-i suspect it will be under $2.00 by the first week of November

-i'm excited about this weekend!

-i love away games!

-i've had the hiccups for at least an hour.

-it's too cold for me in OKLAHOMA!

-i still have on flip flops.

-i bought 2 CD's last week

-it has been at least 10 years since i purchased a CD

-my favorite song on both CD is #2. amazing!

-the last two weekends i saw 12 of my cousins

-i only took pics of the first 3



the crumb said...

what cds?

let go of the flip flop thing...

have you ever seen a white elephant?

the crumb said...

why is kim in SI, btw?

the crumb said...

omg, gas is cheap. maybe america isn't dying after all

riddle me that said...

bayside, my favorite!!

we the kings, because they are from bradenton, and they sing about bradenton, and danny duncan used to be one of my faves because he's a twin!!!

someone made me go put on real shoes on before we went to the game this weekend. good plan i guess!

Hiccups are gone...thanks!

kim is a sports photographer so her pics are in there!!

gas is cheap!! 2.04 today!! yay!!