Thursday, October 16, 2008

the fair!!

Today I posted a bunch of pictures from our trip to the fair! I hope you enjoy!
Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by to see my picture of Jason Castro at the OU/tx game. Sorry that I didn't get a better one, I was pretty enthralled with the game! And thanks to those of you gave me credit on other websites! :)
Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!!
really? gross!
Corn dogs with ketchup!!
Corn dogs with mustard...
The most exciting part!
Getting read to fly!
Zip Line! weeeeee
Sweet Brothers!

Waiting in line for the Ferris wheel! She was so excited!
On the Ferris wheel! It was really super windy!
Sad memories! Cotton Bowl from the ferris wheel!
On the ferris wheel!
Playing games!

We love corn on the cob! Jack and Charlie got some too!
She was really serious about her corn.
Grammy pushing the first prize in the stroller!
Olivia and I on the rollercoaster!!
Charlie's first ride!

Aw what's worse that we put him on rides after this? or that we clapped everytime he came around?
"Spin more Daddy!!"
She looks terrified! But, it was her favorite part!

See all of our winnings? There were more by the time we left!
On the log ride!!

Charlie's 2nd attempt at fair rides. Looks happy here doesn't he. It didn't last long!


the crumb said...

oooh, big tex... he never gets older, does he?

nice corn dogs pics. i can almost taste them... with ketchup OR mustard!

y'all lovvvved that ferris wheel.

um, those kids don't look excited about "games"

i've never seen pics of clay or brroke before, so thanks!

haha, olivia and her corn!!! staring at it. ahhhaa!! funny.

whose prize is that big sonic-lookin' thing? grammy's!?!

HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAA at charlie in the ride!!!

olivia did like every ride?? she's so brave and fun!

i like when you wear pink - it's easy to recognize you. hehe

the last one is such a cutie!

Giant Sis said...

thanks for the fair photos - i mean photos of the fair, not less-than-adequate photos. i've never been to the texas fair, but now, i almost feel like i've been and don't need to go for myself! looks like it was fun - except for the terrified kid on the ride!