Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday after school!

Okay, so as promised this is the frist day of blogging pictures of my weekend, mostly pictures of my smallest cousins! (since the game didn't go as I'd hoped, but you'll get those pictures too, we'll just go in order!) I never manage to get the pictures in order, no matter how hard I try they always come out wrong. Dang it! Oh well, I'll explain as we go!!

When I first got to FTW we met my Aunt and started the picking up the kiddos. Charlie was not so sure he wanted to be my friend, but he loves Kuddles and he knows the only way to her is through me. So, he put up with me. Olivia and Jack both got in the car saying "where is ASHLEE" I was sitting in the very back of the car, so they couldn't see me!

Charlie and I in the car! Not so sure he wants to smile.

Olivia and I in the car. All the pictures we took at first she was doing this with her hands, after the picture was over she would say "TEXAS LONE STAR!!" Obviously she is being brain washed!

This is a picture of the BEVO BASH in Marrietta, OK where we at Bevo Burgers before heading the rest of the way to the big D. (it's out of order)
This is where Kuddles spent most of the ride down there. Silly dog!

This is the only picture of Jack in the car, after we got him from school, maybe it's those teenage years? Where kids disappear from all pics?
In between getting Liv from school and getting Jack we stopped at Central Market, My favorite!! The kids got balloons and of course needed to pose with them!
Charlie with his balloon. Maybe he'll smile!
In the car, taking pictures!
Silly girl. Thumbs up instead of a texas star!
Okay, not the best picture of me, but you can see Charlie and I are becoming friends! (I'm not afraid to tell you I bribed him with candy) And you can see his sweet dimples!!
Look for more pictures tomorrow! And the rest of the week!


the crumb said...

yay! pictures, kids, and ashlee. what else could there BE on a blog??

the crumb said...

p.s. is charlie edible? i want a bit of that face.