Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday night. and the game.

Here we are in our new OU shirts!
Trying to teach Charlie how to put his horns down, he just thinks we're funny!
Our shrits matched! I love matching! :)
Charlie is very scared of heights. I took him down half a second later, a good picture was not worth his trauma!
Eating chips at dinner.
This is what I was really trying to get. He dips his chips in his water. (like other people dip them in salsa.) silly boy!
Sam Bradford on the field.
I forget this guys name Chris something. But he's a sportscaster.
Bob Stoops on the sideline. My idol!
Jason Castro, some other people's idol. I just took the picture because it was obvious at this point we had sad. please note my sucky seats behind the sɐxǝʇ band. (I still love my sooners!)

Photo shoot after the game. yes i was that sunburnt, and now I am peeling yuck!

What a great photographer!
Let's use the timer!
Princess Crown!
Oh my little Texas Lone Star!


the crumb said...

i love pictures!! it's true about the thousand words, ya know. i finally believe it.

those kids are soooo .... edible, i'm tellin' ya! how cute/weird is charlie and his chips in the water. hahahahaha! and olivia and you are so cute when you're matching, aww, sweet.

sorry 'bout the game but that just means next year's will be better... or something like that.... right?

i request a picture of you making the texas lone star symbol, please and thank you.


riddle me that said...

aren't they the cutest...keep checking back you never know when i'll start fulfilling requests!!

Amber said...

You know Jason's Girlfriend goes to OU and he's an Aggie so Im pretty sure he was rooting for you guys!

Jason's family and friends have a lot of close ties w/OU.

He was probably just being a good sport.

Thanks for the pic! Sorry about your team.

Your kids are really cute, I love the chip dipping in the water. Seems like something my son would do since we always would tell him the salsa is *hot*!

riddle me that said...

Amber, I must have read your comment 50 times trying to figure out who Jason was you were talking about. I forgot I put that picture up!

I figured it out! I didn't know that his girlfriend went to OU or that he was an Aggie! thanks for the info! He came from over by the Sooners sideline and was only in the texas endzone for a brief second so I didn't think he was rooting for the horns. Plus good for him for wearing a blue shirt, not to make any one angry. :)
when I said some other people's idol I was just refrencing his time on American Idol..

Anyway, thanks again for the info on Jason!

Amber said...

Oh hey you responded awesome!
Yes I admit Im a *huge* Jason Castro fan. I will also admit Im from TX. I am an Aggie fan, but dont tell my cousin who is a "TXEX" (thats so weird why would you like to be called an ex anyway?).

We at one of Jason's fan sites were talking about Jason possibly going to the OU game and someone found your picture. I have no idea how they found it. Very good sleuthing!!

Some of us were a lil bit miffed when you said "someone else's idol" like somehow he was bad because he was from TX so I felt the need to stand up for him haha.

He is really such a good guy and very loyal to his school.

Im sure he doesnt need me to stand up for him but oh well!

Yes his GF is a BIG supporter of her college team, she's also in a sorority there. Ive met her once, she's very nice.

We also were wondering what Jason was doing on the "other side" haha.
Im sure he was just being friendly and what not and who knows he might have some horn friends or something.

Anyway we all appreciated the picture you took. What are the odds that youd be sitting on that side and he'd be there even for a few seconds!

Im sure he will be at other OU games w/his GF in the future!

riddle me that said...

Oh Amber, please tell the Jason fans I meant nothing mean about it at all! I'll tell you he took a picture with an OU fan while he was over there!! I thought Jason was great on the show! And I am go to all the OU games so I'll be keeping my eye out for him from now on, and if I see him I'll have my camera and I'll put him on my blog for you all (I might even drive down to the A&M game, wonder if they'll make an apperance there?)! I promise I still like people who don't like OU, so I would never say anything mean about Jason even if he was wearing icky burnt orange! and I promise I won't tell your cousin about your true college faves. And I couldn't agree with you more about the ex thing..weird!!

I have to admit that I was happily surprised and flattered to see all of my unique visitors this morning. And I am a fan of anyone who is such a good stalker as the person who found my picture I took! I like people that! :)

one other thing do you happen to know what sorority his girlfriend is in? See if I know anyone who knows her...

so again tell people not to be mad I'm a nice girl with no hard feelings toward Jason or any texas fans!! :)

shelbytex said...

You probably didn't realize how far and wide Jason's fanbase is! we stalk, oh i mean follow, him everywhere! I'm a Red Raider, daughter is an Aggie, and our best friends are Sooners. Sure makes football season interesting! Thanks again for the picture.

Kelsey said...

hi! first I just want to say your kids are adorable!

second, I'm another Jason Castro fan and I wanted to say thanks for posting that picture. It may seem a little weird for a bunch of grown women to be thrilled over one picture at a football game lol, but we're fairly normal :) basically sitting on the edge of our seats to hear some solid news on a record deal! regardless though, Jason has said he plans to have an album out by the end of the year! If you have time, it would be great if you checked him out. Also,I always like to add that it's not just the music; he is a strong christian and wonderful role model. These traits aren't often shown in the media.

thanks again :)

Hanna said...

What cute pics! As a big Ohio State Buckeye's fan, I can understand the football craziness and fervor!! Sorry about your game; I feel your pain!! :)

If you just happen to see a certain Jason Castro wandering around the sidelines or anywhere else at a game, and you just happen to have your camera, will you maybe snap a pic or two and post them? :D Thanks for giving us a Jason fix, since we fans were talking about him being at that game and hoped someone would spot him! :)