Thursday, June 7, 2012

Four in a Row!

I'm a little behind in my blogging. Surprise!

I figured I'd jump into the present real quick to tell you that our OKC Thunder won the Western Conference Championship last night. After starting out 2-0 to a team that had won 20 games in a row the Thunder came back and won 4 in a row...and I was there!

So sad story is that my camera is attached to my arm, I never leave home with out one of my cameras until last night. I only had my iphone that could not get a good picture to save its life!

Either way I was there sitting in the lower section with my Sister! I love how excited Oklahoma gets about our basketball team, we don't have any other professional sports here so everyone can invest all their energy into the Thunder! I love that every seat in the arena has a shirt on the back of it, and (almost) everyone puts them on so there are a 18,203 people wearing the same shirt! Last night was a white out!

I've been to a lot of sporting events in my time and this is the only one I can remember there being a prayer before the games begin. (Yes I took a picture during the prayer) :)

I don't know if I give Garrett enough credit for how awesome he really is. He got two tickets for game six (he sometimes gets tickets from work for free) and immediately suggested that I take Natalie. Knowing that if we won it would be the first time in franchise history for us to win the Conference title. 

The atmosphere was amazing. It was loud, but I'm not going to lie there was a time when we were down by 18 points when you could tell the crowd was getting a little discouraged. Natalie leaned over and said maybe we should leave early if they can't get it together so that we can beat the traffic. But the players kept playing and the crowd rebounded and got louder and louder as the second half went on to reach a new loud with 24 seconds left when Kendrick Perkins dunked the ball and brought the score to a comfortable lead of 6 :) I don't think I have ever heard a crowd so loud!

I left the stadium after the 107-99 win and I could not hear out of one of my ears. We were that loud! My voice is still scratchy today but it was so worth it!

Cannot wait for the Finals!


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