Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Half Birthday To Me!

I almost wasn't going to celebrate my last half birthday of my 20s starting a new decade is scary!

But, I owe my twenties a lot they taught me so much! Most importantly - even the best laid plans can fail, and that's okay! I'm so excited about the path I'm on, and I have no doubt my thirties are going to be my best decade yet!

Garrett forbid half birthday presents this year. Boo! I'm a firm believer that our birthday's are so close to Christmas we should get half birthday presents to even things out..

Here are some things on my wish list!

Favorite Places necklace! With my hometown's coordinates! I love that place!

This Kate Spade watch! Love love love!

This canvas would look awesome in our guest room! Boomer Sooner!
How cute is this for summer? It may be because I just packed my (giant) purse (that I love!) in my llbean tote but I'm wishing for a smaller bag for summer! and I just love this color!

And most importantly for the OKC THUNDER to beat the heat!

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