Sunday, September 27, 2009


Happy Birthday Scott! You are one of very best friends!

Here are 27 things I like about you!

1. Your Dimples!
2. You call me every day after work.
3. You make your very own fishing poles.
4. You always let me catch more fish than you! :)
5. You're a SOONER fan!
6. You have the cutest nieces
7. You change your hobbies like other people change socks!
8. You love Florida as much as me.
9. You love Oklahoma.
10. You take me to the Melting Pot
11. You email me when I'm bored at work.
12. You pick out the best color Colombia shirts!
13. You wear a visor (which totally reminds me of Bob Stoops!!!)
14. You go shopping with me (and never complain!)
15. You let me pick out clothes for you to wear.
16. You buy me fun presents.
17. You're a great cook (chef?)
18. Your curls!
19. You don't mind matching me!
20. You totally get that I can't cover up my feet
21. You mostly always go along with my crazy ideas.
22. You try to get the best gossip to share with me.
23. You always give me suggestions when I call and ask you what I should eat.
24. You make me smile.
25. You are gonna be a great dad someday!
26. You are the sweetest lizard rescuer ever!
27. You are always willing to try something new.

I hope have your best year so far!

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