Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Saturday was the first game of the season! oh how I love Norman on Game days! It really is my favorite time of the year!

For quite a few years it seems the first game has been marked with rain and this year was no exception. It was VERY rainy, and pretty chilly. But, we didn't let it stop us!

We were playing Idaho State which is really no more than a glorified high school team. But, with so many of our players hurt it was a good week to see what Laundry Jones could with his first college start. He did a great job!

We parked at Lloyd Noble which is a good mile and a half or two miles from the stadium, and decided not to take the bus (because they started charging and those people have enough of our money!)

I was having trouble keeping up with the boy, because he was walking pretty fast and I had on flip flops that were really really slippery. So, I spent most of the time trying to keep up.

That is until I decided to take off my shoes and just go barefoot. So, safe and sanitary I know.

We made it to the stadium, pretty wet.

Don't let his face fool you, he is so excited to be sitting in the rain at a game with me!
side note, I dried and straightened my hair that afternoon, what a waste of life!

seriously love this place!

Make that 25, longest streak and a school record! Hope we keep it up this week!

I put my shoes back on but man were my feet wet!
(better than wet socks!!)

This year's drum major, he's go it down pretty good.

G thinks I have a wonky finger, to go with my wonky arm, I think he is mean!

The Pride of Oklahoma.
the Big XII flags.

Game time!!

I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the light and his hair sticking up. But then there was the rain drop on the camera.

This is the look I got when he figured out I was snapping pictures, I stopped.

We won 64-0 and that was good enough for me!

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christie said...

boomer sooner :) looks like tons of wet fun