Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can You See Me Now?

At least three times a week the following sentence comes out of my mouth "am I invisible? can other cars not see me?" I save it for days when I get almost hit on more than one occasion usually it's around about the third time I have to swerve/slam on my breaks to keep from getting smashed. I drive with other people and I have never seen someone almost get hit as much as I do, people frequently get into the space where I am, turn directly at me, pull out in front of me to the point that if I couldn't swerve into a different lane I would be a pancake. I really feel invisible, because they surely wouldn't do they things they do if they saw me. I admit I am not, NOT a patient driver, I get frustrated with stupid drivers, rude drivers, and slow drivers. I could write a whole post (probably a whole blog) on my road rage, (please note I understand that everyone makes mistakes, the only time I've ever been hit (knock on wood) I was not mad at the drivers responsible they did nothing stupid or selfish) I only get mad at people who do something I wouldn't do (very humble of me I know). Anyway I digress....

This morning my invisibility seemed to be working to my advantage, I was in the far left lane (the PASSING lane, people if you aren't passing someone GET OUT! seriously it's like my biggest driving pet peeve. Driving next to someone in the lane next to you for 7 miles does NOT count as passing, in any situation. ever.) So there were about 4 cars in the far left PASSING lane that were going what I considered to be too slow, boxing me in because they were traveling at a rate of speed equal to or less than those in the middle left lane. I was feeling impatient and hating the girl in the car directly in front of me, seriously insulting her big stupid sun glasses and thinking about how fun it would be to chuck a water bottle at her car. I finally got my chance to take action when a truck got over and gave me enough room to pass all the cars that shouldn't be in the passing lane on the right (which I hate doing) but I got over and accelerated (glaring at the girl in front of me, she knew how I felt she had been being stupid since we got on the road) I passed all of those cars (going too fast; about 15 mph too fast) on the right, right under an underpass with a motorcycle cop. DANG IT. I slammed on my breaks a little bit and looked at him, I was ready to be pulled over (for the only the second time, and was willing myself not to sob hysterically cry when it happened) and lo and behold that man never got on his motorcycle and never pulled me over!! The only explanation I can see is that I was invisible to him also! Sweet!

I had intended to blog about a few other things (one more of which was a rant) but I have gotten quite wordy, in the essence of your time I believe I will go ahead and save those for another day.

This post has brought to my attention that I need to blog about my other biggest driving pet peeve, that I am sure will be the death of me at some point. I am almost positive that my blood pressure rises so much when I encounter this situation that I am only seconds away from a heart attack. My heart races so fast that I am sure it counts as my daily exercise.
I also need to share the story of the one and only (knock on wood) time I was pulled over, if for no other reason so that someday when I am old and forgetful I can look back with fond memories.

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