Friday, September 11, 2009

Boomer Sooner!

Tomorrow is our first home game. Here is hoping that this week goes better than last. It sucks to lose a game. Always. It's frustrating to lose the first game it makes you feel discouraged about the whole season (at least at first). It sucks that penalties were such a factor. Because we can control that. But, it breaks my heart when there are injuries. My heart broke for Jermaine Gresham he sacrificed a lot of money to come back and play for the team. But, then to watch Sam hurt his shoulder. It was quite the blow for Sooner fans. I hate to see injuries. It's my very least favorite thing about college football (that and obnoxious fans). But, I'll be there to cheer the boys on for the whole season! And I'm far from giving up hope of a FANTASTIC season!


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