Thursday, March 18, 2010


Not the tv show.

My darn camera cord...again.

Sad because I really have lots and lots of fun things to update. But, I guess for now I'll do a post with no pictures. boo. Here is some randomness.

I made a group on Yahoo for this year's NCAA Basketball Brackets there are three people in my group. Me, Garrett, and Scott. Yup, me and my two ex-boyfriends. My life is so strange.

Since I've been house sitting I've been soaking up lots and lots of Game Show Network. I freaking love that channel. It's probably good that I don't have it at home (or at Garrett's) otherwise I would never get anything done.

After work today I went to Target. (I love that place!!) I was looking for, among other things, a scale. I have a scale but there is something wrong with it and I have to change the battery like every week which is really really annoying. I decided it was probably in my best interest to get a new one instead of buying batteries all the freaking time. So, I walked around and around Target and I did not see one scale (or one person to ask where to locate on) I'm fairly certain that they don't sell them because I went down every s.i.n.g.l.e aisle. Annoying. I guess I'll have to get one from Walmart. I know right were they keep them.

I've been craving Mashed Potatoes like there is no tomorrow, I think maybe because I associate them with St. Patrick's Day? Last night we (Garrett and I) went to Johnny Carino's for half-price appetizers, they were okay, but I would have rather had cornbeef, cabbage, and mashed potatoes. After dinner we went to Garrett's work where I watched OU Baseball and he worked (oh tax season). Not the most exciting St. Patrick's Day but we're old so it was just fine with us!

Today I got some mashed potatoes for lunch and they totally lived up to the craving!

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Brittney said...

Okay a) Get a non-digital scale. All my super awesome digital ones varied too much and it was offensive LOL b) Mashed potatos. Thanks. Now I need some.