Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Way to let me down!

Yesterday morning I decided to stop and get a Trail Mix Bagel from Panera. They are so yummy!

I ordered my bagel and a tub of cream cheese.

Cash Register Girl (CRG) was like a small individual cream cheese?

Me- No. A tub.
CRG- A whole entire big tub?!?!
Me- Yes a big fat tub.

CRG looked at me like I was crazy. I could have explained to her that a $1.20 is a RIPOFF for the single size cream cheese that I use 10cents of before I throw it away. So, I choose spend an extra dollar and put it in the fridge and use it until I throw it away. It's genius really, if i do say so myself. But, I didn't like the way she looked at me. So, I opted to let her think I was going to use the entire 8oz tub for one bagel. I'm funny like that.

CRG tells the Bagel Lady she wants ONE trail mix bagel and an ENTIRE large tub of honey walnut cream cheese. Bagel Lady didn't bat an eye. I liked her. She did say there are no sunflower seeds or nuts on the bagel is that okay? I told her it was fine, sad, very sad, but fine.

Then CRG jumps in and happy voice says today is the last day for the Trail Mix Bagel. WHAT?!?! It's being replaced by the Jalapeno & Cheese bagel.

So, CRG and Panera ruined my whole drive to work.

I will not be gracing Panera with my presence in the morning any longer. Unless...they bring back my beloved Trail Mix Bagel!

Dear Panera,

I am NOT interested in eating Jalapeno's for breakfast, ever! I'm already mad at you because last week you were out of my Chocolate Duet straight-from-heaven cookies. And your coffee drinks are not very tasty. But, I still love the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, so don't get rid of that and we can be afternoon friends.



Rebecca Watson said...

cute little blog! :)

follow me :)

Kayla said...

don't worry about missing the Q&A. Any questions just email me. I'm still collecting them!!